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Tips for Playing Football


Tips for Playing Football and Basic TRAINING Recommendations


 Football is a sport that moves countries, and we can see every 4 years in world football. It is also a game that both adults and children like, so it can be enjoyed as a family or as an after-school activity.

If you are one of those parents who like their children to play football and do it well. We recommend you read this post. Because we will talk about the best tips to play soccer and increase the chances of winning.

Tips for playing football


      1. The first thing to keep in mind is that football is a team effort. The team that is not united and does not worry about passing the ball to their teammates. Trying to get everyone to play and participate, will not get very far. The first thing is the benefit of the team, over their own.

      2. A person who plays football must understand that the one who has to run across the field is the ball, not the person. The idea is that the player runs very little with the ball and that many passes are made. A game where the same person runs like crazy with the ball everywhere, bores the public a little. And  it does not play well on the field.

      3. More than scoring goals, the key to football is to score the opponent correctly. In this way, the rival feels pressured and makes many more mistakes than we can imagine. One of the most common are bad passes where it is very easy to steal the ball.

      4. You must make movements that the opposite is not expected. You can stop when he least feels it and move again in a different direction than he thought. This will make him nervous every time he's in front of you.

      5. A player must bear in mind that even if he does not have the ball, he is inside the game, that is, many remain still for minutes without doing anything, waiting for the ball to come to them again. If they had been scoring their rivals, the game would have become more interesting.

      6. Physical training in football is vital to prevent injuries and improve as a player.


Physical Training for football Players. Basic notions


All athletes need to do specific training based on the physical activity they perform; and football is no exception, especially in high competition.

Proper preparation is essential both to improve performance on the pitch and to avoid injury.

In the case of footballers, it is very important:

      warm up before a game,

      but also perform aerobic and anaerobic exercises,

      as well as increasing muscle strength and improving speed.

We do not intend to create an endless manual of exercises in this post, but only to give you some clues so that you can increase your performance as a footballer. We also anticipate that bad training can lead to pathologies related to the heart -arrhythmias, tachycardias, bradycardias . And well, when in doubt, you can always sense how the best prepare by reviewing videos or enjoying live football matches. Being especially educational and exciting to watch live football.

As we told you before, it is convenient for a footballer to combine:

      anaerobic exercises -long-distance activities aimed at increasing the endurance-

      and aerobics -speed races

And in order to optimise, it is recommended that these exercises are accompanied by an electrocardiogram and laboratory tests as effective as those of Ruffier and Dickson.

Along with the previous ones, they are necessary:

      Bodybuilding exercises: strength and power are necessary to dribble or crash, among other issues in the game, and having a developed body also helps prevent injuries.

      Equally important to focus on speed: in addition to short races, the athlete must train acceleration, reflexes, agility.

Logically, a footballer's training will also be conditioned by the position he occupies on the field.

      A goalkeeper will perform jumps up and sides and stretches and extensions that favour their elasticity.

      More explosive laterals need to develop the legs and the abdominal and pectoral muscles.

      The central defenders have to be fast and agile, just like the wingers -faster-,

      while for indoors, it is especially important to increase your thoracic capacity.




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Tips for Playing Football