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February Round-Up

February was a mixed month for me. There were highs and lows and February seemed to be the month where every plan I made seemed to change. I made plans that I had to cancel and most things I did during February were spontaneous. Here is my February round-up Getting Covid In early February, Matilda caught Covid again. She had […]

January Round-Up

So January is over. I don’t know about you but I find January tends to drag on. However, this one hasn’t. It seems to have gone quite quickly. We welcomed in the new year and then suddenly January is coming to an end. Here is what I got up to and my January round-up. My Mental Health During the last […]

My Views On Classic Doctor Who

I was born in the early nighties. When Doctor Who was not airing new episodes. However, when I was a child, I watched old episodes of Classic Doctor Who at my grandmother’s house. These were whatever repeats were being shown on TV. As a result, I was unable to watch them in any logical order and would often switch between […]

I’m Trying To Be More Organised

I don’t normally make new years resolutions. I can never stick to them and so see the point. This year however I am trying to be more organised. I am one of those people who does things at the last minute because they had forgotten. So I do need to be more organised. I didn’t make it an official resolution […]

The Best Order To Watch Star Wars

THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS I am a full on geek. My favourite film series is Star Wars. I was introduced to the series when I was 7 and they released the prequel trilogy. My mum let me watch the original trilogy and both me and my brother loved them. I remember running around as a child wearing my Jedi cape […]

Opening A New Rainbows Unit

As you may know, I have been running my local Brownies group for 11 years. I absolutely love it. The girls (aged 7-10) never fail to make me laugh and its a good escape from day to day life. I never really considered opening a new Rainbow unit. However one of the things parents always say is they wish their daughters […]

My Struggles With My Mental Health

You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging for a while. This is because recently I have had trouble with my mental health.  I seemed to cope well during the many lockdowns. As I was a community care worker, I was classed as a key worker and therefore I continued to work during the lockdowns. I know that I was lucky […]

An Easy Christmas Craft To Make

Easy Christmas Craft This is a simple but beautiful Christmas craft for the brownies. Although some of the smaller ones will need a lot of help with it, the older ones should be able to do it a bit easier. They should only need supervision with the glue gun. But if you don’t want the glue gun, you could try […]

Best Tips for Playing Football

Tips for Playing Football and Basic Training Recommendations Football is a sport that moves countries, and we can see every 4 years in world football. It is also a game that both adults and children like, so it can be enjoyed as a family or as an after-school activity. If you are one of those parentswho like their children to play […]

Weekend Away With My Family In London

Off To London Last weekend me and my family went to London. We used to travel up to London all the time however due to Covid we haven’t been able to recently so I was really looking forward our little holiday. When planning our holiday we decided to avoid all the tourist thing we usually do like the free museums and […]

Introducing Matilda to Harry Potter

Growing Up With Harry Potter  I love Harry Potter. When I was 8, I was given the first 3 books for Christmas. I was then gifted the other books upon their release. One of the books was released a week before I went to New York and my mum got it for me thinking it would be perfect for the long […]

How to Take Great Photographs

 Pictures express emotions and convey messages. And sometimes, a bad photo can convey the wrong type of message. There is no specific way to take great photographs, but mastering and practising basic photography tips can make a huge difference. Here are some basic things you can do to take great photographs;  1. Learn the Basics of Composition The composition is […]