Saturday, 31 December 2016

My Christmas

How was your Christmas? I took a week off blogging to get ready for Christmas and to spend some time with my family. It was a lovely Christmas so I will share with you some of my Christmas highlights.

it was a nice family Christmas

Saturday, 24 December 2016

The Christmas Tag

I have been nominated by Bell and Bear to answer some Christmas related questions for the Christmas tag.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

International Dalek Rememberence Day

Today is international Dalek remembrance day (yes it is a real thing). On this day in 1963 the Daleks first exterminated onto our TV screens and have been an icon of British TV since.

So I thought I would make a list of ways to defeat the Daleks based on some of the more recent of the Doctors adventures to help you defeat the Daleks should you find yourself faced with a Dalek.

Monday, 19 December 2016

My Trip to Accident and Emergency

This Saturday I hurt my hand and I had to spend the evening in my local Accident and Emergency.
There has been a lot of bad publicity surrounding the NHS and specifically waiting times of Accident and Emergency departments. However my experience was very positive (despite the pain!) so I thought I would be nice for people to hear about a positive experience.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Its Christmas Jumper Day

Today is Save the Children's Christmas Jumper day. This is day where we all abandon all sense of fashion on put on our weirdest and wackiest Christmas themed jumper and raise money for a worthy cause.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Competition Time Again

It competition time again!!

As you may know I am a massive Whovian and for my birthday and Christmas people know to get me anything related to Doctor who.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Pipe cleaner christmas tree

This week at Brownies we made Christmas tree decorations out of pipe cleaners. These are not as easy to make as the Christmas star I have previously made but my Brownies (aged 7- 10) were able to make them with only a little assistant, and they really enjoyed making them. So I thought I would share this idea with you to help entertain your children this Christmas time.

All you need is 2 green pipe cleaners, some coloured beads (I have used 17 but you can vary it), either a star shaped bead or star shaped stickers, a small piece of coloured paper, material or felt, and a small piece of string.

To start you fold the 2 pipe cleaners in two and twist them together at the fold, tie the piece of string around the twist. Next thread a star shaped bead onto the string, a star shaped sticker will also work, and tie a knot in the string.

Now thread the other beads onto the pipe cleaner (I have used 4 beads on each branch, feel free to use as many as you like as more beads to thread may keep the children quieter for longer!).

Next you have to bend all the pipe cleaner branches into the shape below.

When you have folded them, collect the 4 ends of the branches and bunch them together. After these you can add another bead to keep the branches together. Next you cut out 2 small squares from your coloured material or paper to make the pot. Stick these squares on either side of the bunch of branches under to bead.

Now your tree is finished and can be hung on the real tree.

Hope this has given you something to help entertain children in the Christmas holidays. If this is too difficult or fiddly for your children please see my idea for an easier craft the Christmas star decoration

Sunday, 11 December 2016

The New Aveeno Baby Range

When I was a child I had very sensitive skin so it was not a big surprise when we realised Tilly had quite sensitive and dry skin as well. So I was delighted when I was received some items from the new Aveeno baby range.

Aveeno understand that a baby skin in unique as it is more delicate due to a quicker loss of moisture and can be prone to dryness and irritation. Aveeno have designed products that cleanse, soothe and protect the sensitive skin of a baby with a special formula with natural colloidal (finely ground) oatmeal.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Tilly's school assembly

This week I had to go to Tilly's school to watch her in her school assembly. At Tilly's school, every class does an assembly once a year. It only lasts about 20 minutes and parents and guardians are invited along to watch. She was very excited and had been practising at home.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Just an average walk to town!

Yesterday I had to walk to town from my mums house with Tilly as I had to drop her with my mum as I had been looking after her while mum was at work.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Small business Saturday

Saturday 3rd December 2016 is small business Saturday, this is a day when we are encouraged to shop locally and in small independent stores rather then big chains. It is a non-profit campaign aimed to support local businesses and their communities and to have a lasting effect on these small businesses.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Panto Time

So its the run to Christmas and so that means its pantomime time (oh no its not!). As usually we decided to take the brownies to the Marlowe theatre in Canterbury to watch Dick Whittington. So on Sunday I bundled 15 brownies into a minibus and set of to the theatre.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Backward Advent Calendar

During my childhood, we struggled financially. I was from a one parent family and my mum did here best to provide for us all. She always had a job and yet occasionally she had to make the difficult decision to either heat the house or put food on the table. Therefore we sometimes had to use food banks.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

vegetarian lasagne

As you may know, I have been attending cooking lessons at the Chequers Cookery school. Last week we made a lasagne but due to me being a vegetarian, I made a vegetarian lasagne. I thought I would share the recipe that I followed as I have found it difficult in the past to find a tasty recipe for vegetarian lasagne.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Happy Birthday Mum

Happy birthday to the best mum anyone could ever ask for. To someone who frequently causes trouble (both at home and abroad!), who frequently embarrasses me, but who gave me the best childhood I could have asked for.

Monday, 21 November 2016

20 Things You Didnt Know About Me

I was recently challenged by my mum at Being Tilly's Mummy to write a list of 20 things that people don't know about me.

I think that I am on the shy and quieter side and so maybe there is a lot of people don't know about me and so I hope these facts will allow you to see more into the life of me.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Kinnerton Advent Calendar

When it comes to Christmas, I'm a big kid at heart. I love the atmosphere, the Christmas music and the Christmas adverts on the TV (my favourite this year is the Marks and Spencer advert). I always buy myself an advent calendar and count down the days until Christmas.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

When is too early for Christmas decorations?

I was recently walking down a road in my home town when I saw that one particular house had already put up their outdoors Christmas decorations. They hadn't gone all out but there were some lights made to look like icicles all around the garden and the outside of the house. When I told one of my friends about this she said she knows someone who has had their Christmas tree up for a week or so already. This made me wonder when is the right time to put up your Christmas decorations.

As a child my mum would always throw a Christmas party for us and our friends. This always happened early to mid December and therefore we would put up the Christmas decorations in the first or second week of December. To this day I believe that this is a reasonable time to put up your decorations but am I wrong?

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Making a Christmas Star Decoration.

Me and Tilly are quite crafty people (I don't mean the cunning and devious type of crafty, although sometimes Tilly can be crafty in both senses of the word!). I try to find crafts that are simple and easy to do so that we are able to do them together. I thought that I would share a very easy and Christmas decoration that me and Tilly enjoyed making.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Remembrance Sunday

Today is remembrance Sunday. A day where we remember the fallen, those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Although I will be at work, I will be wearing my poppy with pride and falling silence for two minutes at 11am.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Shopping with Tilly

With my mums birthday and Christmas coming up, I thought it would be nice to take Tilly into town after school to do a bit of shopping. So I picked her up from school and headed into town while explaining what our plan was discussing what we wanted to buy mum. I had already brought mum some gifts online however I thought it would be nice if Tilly was able to choose something to give to mum.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Win A Matalan Christmas Jumper

There used to be a time where having a Christmas jumper was a cringe worthy thing. They were the home knitted Christmas gift from your granny that you put on a fake smile while thanking her, you wore it on Christmas day and then threw it in the back of the wardrobe never to see the light of day again!

Monday, 7 November 2016

Girlguiding County Day

As you may know I am a Brownie leader at the weekend I was lucky enough to attend a Girlguiding county training day. This is an annual event for the leaders of Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and the Senior section. Where we are able to attend sessions on a variety of subjects including working our computer systems, doing the finances for a pack and gaining inspiration to add more variety to your meetings. This was the first year that I attended so I thought I would write about how I got on.

Friday, 4 November 2016

My Favourite Doctor Who Quotes

As a whovian there are many times that I use quotes from Doctor Who in my everyday speech. Sometimes people don't realise I'm quoting Doctor Who and wonder what I'm on about, sometimes people just think I'm being weird! So I thought I would make a list of my favourite quotes and explain why they I like them.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Charity Shops - A Place for a Bargain

In my home town there are many charity shops that I love to have a rummage through. You can find some really good quality things at bargain prices. I know there are people who don't shop at charity shops at all but they don't know what they are missing. Many times I have got things in a charity shop that I needed, wanted or sometimes I have even found things I never knew existed. Here are a few examples from the last week of times I have had success while shopping in charity shops.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Pumpkin Carving

For the last few days Tilly has be begging me to help her carve her pumpkin but I have been
trying to put it off. Today I decided I couldn't put it off anymore and we went into town to buy a pumpkin carving kit from Poundland. All the way home Tilly was excited and thinking up designs for her pumpkin while I was wondering how she planned to do some of these designs with only a simple carving set and two people who have very little artistic skills!

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Things you should not say to a Whovian!

I am a whovian through and through and a bit of a geek. Everyone who knows me is aware of this and they seek my advice and opinion if there is any major news or gossip announced. However there are many things that annoy me and many other whovians when people speak about Doctor Who. So I have decided to write a list of 5 common mistakes people make when they speak to me about Doctor Who.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Quick and Easy Halloween Craft

Every Halloween I always buy sweets for the children out trick or treating. I normally buy a multi pack of mini sweets or chocolate bars but they always look boring so this year I decided to make my trick or treat sweats a little more ghostly.

This didn't take me long to do as it is quite a simple idea but it is a fabulous idea to do with the children to keep them entertained (because we all know that about now we are starting to wish we could send them all back to school tomorrow!).

All you will need is some white card (paper will also work), a pair of scissors, a colouring pen (I have used black but there is no reason why you cant mix it up a bit and use lots of colours), glue and your chosen Halloween treats.

First thing to do is to draw a ghost onto a piece of the card. If you are like me and have absolutely appalling drawing stills, you can draw around a ghost shaped cookie cutter or trace a picture from a book (or better yet just get the kids to draw them, that way you can blame them if they are unusual looking ghosts!). Your ghost needs to be bigger then your chosen sweet, I used a mini packet of Haribo sweets and made a ghost using of ½ an A4 sheet of card.

Next you cut out the ghosts, they don't have to be perfect as all ghosts seem to be drawn differently anyway! Now you need to draw a face onto your ghost. This can be as scary or as friendly as you like as I said previously this can also be any colour you like and in as much detail as you like.

When your ghost is finished stick a tiny bit of glue onto the stomach of your ghost and then stick the treat onto him. If your ghost is a master piece or you have added colour or detail to the front, there is no reason why the treat can't be stuck to the back. Once they are dry they are ready for trick or treaters.

Although I have made ghosts, if you use orange paper you can make pumpkins or use black paper to make a haunted house, witch or black cat or if you have some extra time, why not make a variety of shapes.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Mums in Turkey so that means tea party!

During the first week that mum was in Turkey, we had so much fun in Butlins as there was so much to do that Tilly didn't have time to miss mum. However during the second week, Tilly started to get a little upset. One evening I could hear her crying in her room, I offered a cuddle but she didn't want one, she just wanted to be on her own. It broke my heart listening to her and I thought that she needed a distraction and something else to focus on. So I that we needed to have a tea party.

So together we decided on 2 of her friends (if Tilly had had her own way she would have invited half the school), and Tilly went to school the next day happy in the knowledge that she would have her friends coming home with us. I then came home and franticly tidied up, made sure all the washing was done, hoovered and hid my suitcase (I an staying at mums house to look after Tilly while she is in Turkey, so I am currently living out of a suitcase).

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Butlins Day 5 - Going home

On the 5th day we were sad to be heading home. After packing up and handing back our room key we where pleased to find out that there was somewhere we could leave our luggage for a few hours. We then watched Bonnie and Billy's wake up session where Tilly loved joining in with the dancing while I looked at buying some of the photos she has had during the week. I wasn't sure weather I would buy some as the photos where usually £10 each but they had a deal on where for £25 you could get 2 photos, 2 key rings, 2 magnets, 2 small pictures and 2 digital downloads so I decided on a picture of me and Tilly with Billy and Bonnie bear and one of Tilly with the Skyline gang.

We then spent a couple of hours where Tilly could just run around the play areas. She particularly liked the indoor soft play area. Because it was Friday there weren't many shows or events on but the play areas and fairground were still open.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Butlins day 4 - football and the Pantomime

On the 4th day we decided that we would go to the football coaching as I knew Tilly has enjoyed it previously. This is a session run by an FA-qualified coach and helps to build stills in ball control, team tactics, passing and shooting.

Tilly was a little apprehensive at first because when we arrived she was 1 of only 2 girls in a group with almost a dozen boys (some of whom believed they were the next Rooney or Messi), but once the coach got them all participating in the different activities she loved it.

Billy bear joining in the fun

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Butlins Day 3 - Splash Waterworld and the Fairground

On day 3 we decided to go swimming. After the chaos of trying to find Tilly's swimming costume when I was packing (click here to read about the chaos), I was happy to be able to tell Tilly that we were going swimming. So we packed our matching Disney princess towels and our swimming costumes and headed to the pool.
Me and Tilly in our matching towels
In the swimming pool there was a lot to do, there was a large pool that we where both very excited about when we realised there were waves. After the waves had finished Tilly put on her armbands and attempted to learn to swim. However she soon gave up and headed to the children's pool which was shallower and had a climbing frame and 3 small slides. She had fun going down the slides while I sat in a relaxing area and watched her.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Butlins Day 1&2 - Arrival and the Shows

Upon our arrival at Butlins, an hour later then we planned due to our hectic trip here (click here to read my blog post about our trip). We were directed to our check in point and quickly found a trolley for all our luggage (and for Tilly as her legs ached!). Our check in we really easy and quick and we were soon on our way to our apartment. Although the receptionist had given me a map and explained where to go we still got lost, we tried to get into someone else's apartment and walked around in a complete circle before realising our apartment is right opposite the check in office!

Me and my new friend Bonnie bear
Once we finally reached our apartment we were pleasantly surprised that because the book was originally for 4 people, we had been given two apartments and the joining door had been unlocked, as a result we both had our own rooms and our own bathrooms. The rooms were clean and came with a tv, kettle and sachets of tea and coffee.

Friday, 14 October 2016

cooking at the Chequers

I was recently invited to the Chequers kitchen cookery school to take part in a series of cookery classes. Although when I am at home I can follow a simple recipe, I don't really have the confidence to cook something from scratch so I hope that by attending I be more confident cooking at home as I will know I can do it. We have made a variety of items including mini quiche and potato koftas.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Traveling to Butlins

On Monday me and Tilly woke bright and early to get the train to Butlins, we knew it would be a long journey with multiple trains as by avoiding the direct route thought London, we were able to save about £30. However neither of us expected what a palaver it would be.
waiting patiently for our train.

When we left the house pulling our over packed suitcases, me and Tilly looked at each other, looked at a lady waiting at the bus stop, looked at each other again and both said lets get the bus. Tilly then decided that everyone who got on the bus needed to know she was going to Butlins and she had fun laughing at her friends when the bus went past her school!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Attemping to pack for Butlins

By the time this goes live hopefully me and Tilly would have made the train and are on are way to Butlins. I decided that I would try and be good and pack our suitcases about a week in advance otherwise I know I will be running round like a headless chicken on Sunday night trying to find everything (I know that whenever I pack I will unpack on Sunday night because I am paranoid I have forgotten something!).

Packing for Butlins has been one of the most stressful things I have done, I thought if I included Tilly in the process it would make life easier as well as give her a sense of excitement. I was wrong! If something could go wrong it did!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

My Struggle with Dyslexia

Throughout my primary education I struggled. My brain new the answers and could work very quickly but I couldn't express myself on paper. My primary school suggested that I may have dyslexia but I was never tested. It wasn't until I started at the local grammar school and they suspected I have dyslexia that I was actually tested.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Another big part of my life is volunteering at my local brownie group. When I was 17 I wanted something to add to my personal statement to help me get into university and since I had had so much fun being a brownie as a young girl, I contacted my old brown owl who said that I was more then welcome to come and volunteer. I thought that I would stay for a few months maybe a year and it would look good not only on my personal statement but on my CV. That was 7 years ago and I still absolutely love it.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Our Day Out in Legoland

me and Tilly enjoying ourselves on a ride
During the summer, me mum and Tilly took a trip to Legoland. We decided to stay in a hotel so that we didnt have to get up early and travel down there that day. We found a lovely Travelodge in Feltham, about 20 minuets out of Windsor. We were able to get a bus from Windsor town right up to the gates of Legoland and we arrived just before opening.

As soon as we entered Legoland, we headed for the rides. The first ride we came across was a water ride called Vikings River Splash. We thought that as it looked like it was going to be a really warm day, it didn't matter if we started the day wet, we would soon dry off. Mum insisted that she was going to wear her plastic bin bag type water proof. Me and Tilly were very embarrassed and considered telling the ride operator that she wasn't will us and that we wanted our own boat!
Tower Bridge made out of Lego. there were many famous landmarks from around the world.

As we arrived for opening, we were able to get onto the first few rides really quickly and therefore we were able to go on so many of the rides. As the day progressed the weather continued to be in our favour.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

International Day of older people

Today is international day of older people, an annual celebration since 1991 that celebrates the lives of older people and highlighters their importance and contributions to society. So I thought I would use this opportunity to talk about the things that I have realised while working with older people.

I am a support worker at a care company in my home town. I assist the elderly with dressing, preparing meals and help with general independent living within their own homes. I only started this job because I was unemployed and needed a job, however once I stated I found that I really enjoyed it.

There are many things that I have learnt while in this job and many of my preconception about the elderly have been proved wrong.
The main thing that I have realised is that age is just a number. Before I started I thought that this job would have me meeting people who are unable to do much for themselves, however I have realised that many of the people I visit are capable of independent living just need a little assistance with some tasks.

Many of the elderly people I visit are also very interesting people to talk to. They have lived through different decades and I love listening to their stories about the past. When there is a major event such as remembrance day, many of my clients will talk about where they where and what they where doing. It is amazing to hear these stories first hand.

Recently me and my mum popped into the travel agents to enquire about something in regards to her upcoming holiday to Turkey, the travel agent pulled up the booking and told us there where 2 adults on the booking. We queried this as there was meant to be 3 adults going, when she looked further into the booking she realised that a family friend that is going has now been classed as an OAP. We all found this hilarious as although this friend has recently had a significant birthday, she is not what I would consider as 'old'. On this holiday they will be relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sun and drinking alcohol. Its not the kind of holiday you would think of as an OAPs holiday. This just shows that although a computer system had decided she is an OAP, she is still enjoying life and she is not 'old'.

Overall I believe that my views of the elderly have completely changed over the last few years and if more people spent just a little time with older people they may also find that old in age doesn't necessarily mean old in personality.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Historic fun at Deal Castle

Tilly loved the Cannons
Recently me and Tilly decided to go to Deal castle for a picnic. Deal castle is a small Tudor fort, built between 1539 and 1540 to protect against an invasion from France. Although we are members of English Heritage and therefore gain free entry and the castle is located not far from where we live, we don't visit it that often.

The outside view of the Castle
Me and Tilly decided that we would cycle to the castle so we packed up our picnic, got on our bikes and set off. When we reached the castle we had the dilemma of where to leave the bikes, I asked a member of staff if it was OK to leave the bikes near the entrance to the castle, but he offered to put the bikes inside the castle so that they were safe.

Luckily the weather was in our favour and once inside the castle there are a couple of patches of grass where we where able to sit and eat our picnic but Tilly insisted that she wanted to sit on top of one of the cannons to eat her lunch!

Tilly sitting on a Cannon
Once we had finished our lunch we had a look inside the castle. We walked down what felt like a never ending amount of steps in order to get to the dungeons only for Tilly to decide almost immediately that she was too scared as it was very dark so we then had to walk back up the never ending flight of stairs! We had probably burned off our lunch on those stairs!!
This is the ovens inside the castle

Inside the castle to went into all the rooms and I explained to Tilly what each room was used for. We both agreed that mum would love the room that used to store the wine! This was the first time that I had taken Tilly and she was excited about the history behind the castle. She recognised some of the monarchs as she had leant about them at school. So it was nice to be able to spend the time finding out things I never knew.

This is the shop
Overall it was a fab day out and would recommend a visit. For more information please visit the website here.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The countdown to Butlins begins

The countdown to Butlins begins

We have now hit less then 2 weeks until me and my little sister Tilly, jet off to sunny Butlins. My mum is going on a adult holiday to Turkey with her friends, so me and Tilly decided that we have a little holiday as well, but shhh don't tell mum!

We have been to Butlins about 2 years ago and had so much fun. Tilly loved all the shows and that she got to meet all the characters, such as Billy and Bonnie bear, and I think she will want to watch the shows again this year, so I was happy when I found that this year there is going to be an Aladdin show as that is my favourite Disney film and I wont mind watching it (I don't think I can sit through another Thomas the tank engine Show!). I am also excited that Tilly will be tall enough to go on the big rides and down the big water slides with me.

Me and Tilly having fun on
the carousel

Monday, 26 September 2016

My First Post

Hi, my name is Kimmy and this is my blog. My mum has a blog at,uk and has blogged for about 3 years. I attended a blogging conference this year and meet some great bloggers who inspired me to write my own blog. So here we are the beginning of a hopefully fabulous blog. If it doesn't work out, I will just get into my TARDIS and fly away.

I am 24 and in love with all things Doctor Who, Marvel and Minions. I am a fun and easy going person until you talk during an episode of Doctor Who!!

So i will speak you again tomorrow or maybe yesterday, who knows with wibley wobley timey wimey. 

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