Friday, 30 September 2016

Historic fun at Deal Castle

Tilly loved the Cannons
Recently me and Tilly decided to go to Deal castle for a picnic. Deal castle is a small Tudor fort, built between 1539 and 1540 to protect against an invasion from France. Although we are members of English Heritage and therefore gain free entry and the castle is located not far from where we live, we don't visit it that often.

The outside view of the Castle
Me and Tilly decided that we would cycle to the castle so we packed up our picnic, got on our bikes and set off. When we reached the castle we had the dilemma of where to leave the bikes, I asked a member of staff if it was OK to leave the bikes near the entrance to the castle, but he offered to put the bikes inside the castle so that they were safe.

Luckily the weather was in our favour and once inside the castle there are a couple of patches of grass where we where able to sit and eat our picnic but Tilly insisted that she wanted to sit on top of one of the cannons to eat her lunch!

Tilly sitting on a Cannon
Once we had finished our lunch we had a look inside the castle. We walked down what felt like a never ending amount of steps in order to get to the dungeons only for Tilly to decide almost immediately that she was too scared as it was very dark so we then had to walk back up the never ending flight of stairs! We had probably burned off our lunch on those stairs!!
This is the ovens inside the castle

Inside the castle to went into all the rooms and I explained to Tilly what each room was used for. We both agreed that mum would love the room that used to store the wine! This was the first time that I had taken Tilly and she was excited about the history behind the castle. She recognised some of the monarchs as she had leant about them at school. So it was nice to be able to spend the time finding out things I never knew.

This is the shop
Overall it was a fab day out and would recommend a visit. For more information please visit the website here.

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