Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The countdown to Butlins begins

The countdown to Butlins begins

We have now hit less then 2 weeks until me and my little sister Tilly, jet off to sunny Butlins. My mum is going on a adult holiday to Turkey with her friends, so me and Tilly decided that we have a little holiday as well, but shhh don't tell mum!

We have been to Butlins about 2 years ago and had so much fun. Tilly loved all the shows and that she got to meet all the characters, such as Billy and Bonnie bear, and I think she will want to watch the shows again this year, so I was happy when I found that this year there is going to be an Aladdin show as that is my favourite Disney film and I wont mind watching it (I don't think I can sit through another Thomas the tank engine Show!). I am also excited that Tilly will be tall enough to go on the big rides and down the big water slides with me.

Me and Tilly having fun on
the carousel
Me and Tilly having a photo with
Thomas the tank engine
I don't know how much Tilly remembers about Butlins as she was only 4 years old when we went. I keep reminding her of the fun we had and showing her photos so now she is very excited and keeps asking when when we are going and I have to keep saying still a few weeks! Although secretly I think I am just as excited as she is!

Tilly enjoying herself on the indoor
Now I know what many of you are thinking, that a week in Butlins surrounded my lots of small, noisy children is their idea of hell but I have planned to go out into the town for a few days to do some shopping or go to the beach, so that we don't get bored. I have also made sure I am aware of where the bars are for if I need a break!

Overall I am looking forward to spending some quality time with Tilly, although I know she will probably spend more of my money then I had hoped! I shall tell you all about it when we return.

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