Monday, 10 October 2016

Attemping to pack for Butlins

By the time this goes live hopefully me and Tilly would have made the train and are on are way to Butlins. I decided that I would try and be good and pack our suitcases about a week in advance otherwise I know I will be running round like a headless chicken on Sunday night trying to find everything (I know that whenever I pack I will unpack on Sunday night because I am paranoid I have forgotten something!).

Packing for Butlins has been one of the most stressful things I have done, I thought if I included Tilly in the process it would make life easier as well as give her a sense of excitement. I was wrong! If something could go wrong it did!

What Tilly would pack if she could
The first issue we had was that we couldn't find Tilly's swimming costume. We hunted high and low in all her draws and cupboards, we even folded and put away our giant pile of washed laundry in the hope that it was in there. But it was no where to be found. I then received a message from my brother saying that he has accidentally taken Tilly's swimming costume with him back home to Holland. My first thought was yay we have found it, my second thought was oh sugar plum we have no way of getting it to us in time.

So me and mum went hunting round town for a new swimming costume and before now I never realised how difficult it is to buy a child's swimming costume in October. A few shops had unsold stock in the sale department, but nothing in Tilly's size. Even online they were either sold out in Tilly's size or wouldn't be delivered in time. I even send my mum hunting around the town she works in which has a big shopping area, but still no luck.

A family friend then came to the rescue offering us one of her daughters swimming costumes and although it is a little on the big side, it has saved me a lot of money as I know there was a good chance I would be able to buy one in Butlins but they could be expensive.
Tilly's idea of a backpack!

Our second issue is Tilly has no idea how to pack a bag! I told her she need to take her own suitcase so she then proceeded to fill it with toys. After explaining that the suitcase was for clothes, she then chose the most random of items. Including a t-shirt that was too small and a pair of trousers she didn't realise where pyjama trousers.

I then told Tilly she also needed a backpack, she then showed me what I can only describe as a teddy bear with arm straps. After a long argument me and Tilly agreed that she would take normal backpack with her bear inside it.

Between Tilly and her unsual packing and my mum who seemed to be under the impression we where going into a blizzard or possible moving into Butlins permanently, as she was insisting Tilly needed to take 6 different jumpers and 7 pairs of leggings (we are only going for 5 days!), I was slowly loosing my mind!
All packed and ready to go.
After giving up with the 'help' and sending everyone away, I was finally able to pack in peace. The bags where quickly sorted and I wish I had chosen to do this in the first place!

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