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Another big part of my life is volunteering at my local brownie group. When I was 17 I wanted something to add to my personal statement to help me get into university and since I had had so much fun being a brownie as a young girl, I contacted my old brown owl who said that I was more then welcome to come and volunteer. I thought that I would stay for a few months maybe a year and it would look good not only on my personal statement but on my CV. That was 7 years ago and I still absolutely love it.

During an average meeting we will play a game (we try to play games that involve a lot of running around as it tyres them out and they are quieter the rest of the meeting!), we then do an activity such as making something the girls can take home or working towards gaining an interest badge. We then play another (generally quieter) game or do some singing before sending the girls off home. We try to make every meeting fun and different and the girls seem to really love it.

I also have a lot of fun taking the brownies on holiday. Every august we take around 15 girls away for a week to a small town about 45 minuets away. This is far enough that many of the girls have never been before and it is a real holiday but close enough that parents can reach us in an emergency. During pack holiday the girls all have chores to do and are expected to help with the cooking and the washing up. We also have fun doing activities (such as the annual water fight) and days out.
me in a dinosaur egg on a day out with the
The best thing about pack holiday is watching the girls that are quieter and more reserved during meeting really come out of themselves and open up and in the process make new friends. I also love rest hour ( I once accidentally referred to it as happy hour!). During this time the girls must be silent as it is a time for girls to receive or send post, read a book or just relax. This also gives the leaders time to relax and catch up on sleep!

Next march Tilly will turn 7 and that means that she can start as a brownie (although she has attended a few meeting where we were unable to get childcare) and I hope that she has as much fun as I did as a brownie.

Although brownies is for girls aged 7-10 there are other sections for girls of other ages. Click here to register your daughter and find your nearest suitable pack. Alternatively click here if you wish to voluntrer with girl guilding.

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