Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Butlins Day 3 - Splash Waterworld and the Fairground

On day 3 we decided to go swimming. After the chaos of trying to find Tilly's swimming costume when I was packing (click here to read about the chaos), I was happy to be able to tell Tilly that we were going swimming. So we packed our matching Disney princess towels and our swimming costumes and headed to the pool.
Me and Tilly in our matching towels
In the swimming pool there was a lot to do, there was a large pool that we where both very excited about when we realised there were waves. After the waves had finished Tilly put on her armbands and attempted to learn to swim. However she soon gave up and headed to the children's pool which was shallower and had a climbing frame and 3 small slides. She had fun going down the slides while I sat in a relaxing area and watched her.

After a while we decided that we would attempt the flumes and got excited when we realised that Tilly was tall enough to go on the orange one. However when we reached the top, Tilly changed her mind as looking down the slide was dark and there was water splashing at the top. We then spent about 20 minutes trying to persuade Tilly that she would love it. The life guard working at the top of the flume even tried to help by putting his hand in front of the jets to prevent some of the water from splashing her. Eventually she went down and I followed a minute later. As I was going down, I was worried that she would be in tears at the bottom. I was wrong she loved it so much that we went down the flume again and again and again.

Me and Tilly loved the pool so much as they was a lot to do, that we ending up spending a lot of time there and even chose to go back the next day. 

Me and Tilly enjoying a sit down after Swimming.
We spent the afternoon in the tradition fairground. I was excited as we reach the fairground as it had changed slightly since last time I was there. Tilly chose one of the biggest rides to go on first and we had so much fun waving our arms around at the top. Due to the fact that it wasn't overly busy, we were able stay on the rides for a second go if we wanted to. Tilly then dragged me onto the small pirate ship ride before heading for the carousel.

While we were queueing for the carousel, the ride operator was lovely and spoke to Tilly asking her which horse she wanted to go on. When we looked at all the horses as they passed us, we both spotted one named Tilly. Obviously we then chose that one!

                         Me, Tilly and Tilly the horse.

After the carousel we headed towards the dodgems and Tilly was really excited as this was the first time she was tall enough to go on. When we got on the ride, the operator told me that I had to sit in the drivers seat but Tilly was allowed to lean over me and help steer. That was the most scariest few minutes of my life! Tilly wasn't deliberately trying to crash into other cars but she was a terrible driver and I was glad there was seatbelts!

Me and Tilly enjoying the Dodgems.

Day 3 was finished off by watching the skyline gang again as they put on a different show almost everyday. Overall day 3 was just as fantastic as previous days and left us wondering what day 4 would bring.

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