Friday, 14 October 2016

cooking at the Chequers

I was recently invited to the Chequers kitchen cookery school to take part in a series of cookery classes. Although when I am at home I can follow a simple recipe, I don't really have the confidence to cook something from scratch so I hope that by attending I be more confident cooking at home as I will know I can do it. We have made a variety of items including mini quiche and potato koftas.

When we arrive everything is set up and has been prepared and measured out for us and we are given a recipe. Our teacher then does a large bulk of the work while we watch. During this time we are taught the techniques that we will need such as the different ways of chopping. We are then given time to make our own but help is available if we need it.

All the things that I have made during my cooking classes have turned out perfect. Although at one point I thought I was cursed as my cooker wasn't turning on, we tried a different plug then a different cooker before giving up and using the cooker and plug of someone who had finished using theirs as we new it worked. But it didn't like me either and refused to turn on. We finally realised that I was using the wrong pan as these cookers only turn on when an induction pan is placed on top of it. I felt a bit of a plonker!

Overall I love my cooking classes and really look forward to them as I am gaining so much confidence in the kitchen, I even attempted to make a Mexican meal for my dinner from scratch and it turned out brilliantly. I still need a basic recipe to follow as I am not quite Gordon Ramsay level! but now I have the confidence to make a meal if I fancy something specific as opposed to buying a meal in a box or having something boring like chips and sausages.

Some of the courses that are on offer completely free as they are funded by numerous charities and there is a strong focus on healthy food and healthy alternatives to foods we all enjoy.

If you would like more information about the Chequers kitchen or their range of cookery classes please click here.

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