Monday, 24 October 2016

Mums in Turkey so that means tea party!

During the first week that mum was in Turkey, we had so much fun in Butlins as there was so much to do that Tilly didn't have time to miss mum. However during the second week, Tilly started to get a little upset. One evening I could hear her crying in her room, I offered a cuddle but she didn't want one, she just wanted to be on her own. It broke my heart listening to her and I thought that she needed a distraction and something else to focus on. So I that we needed to have a tea party.

So together we decided on 2 of her friends (if Tilly had had her own way she would have invited half the school), and Tilly went to school the next day happy in the knowledge that she would have her friends coming home with us. I then came home and franticly tidied up, made sure all the washing was done, hoovered and hid my suitcase (I an staying at mums house to look after Tilly while she is in Turkey, so I am currently living out of a suitcase).

On my way pick all the girls up, I was mentally preparing myself for chaos. When Tilly's class was lead out, she spotted me and shouted ”look Kimmy I'm standing next to my friend so we don't forget her”. She looked so excited and I knew then that all the noise and mess was worth it.
The girls running to find somewhere to hide so
they could jump out at me!

The walk home was the quite possibly the noisiest and longest walk home I have ever done! The girls made it there mission to try and hide behind every wall and bush that we walked passed and then jump out and try to scare me! When we reached home I made up a large jug of juice and let the girls play. They were all so well behaved and played nicely outside, firstly on scooters then they played an unusual game of who can throw a toy skeleton the furthest! I didn't mid that they were noisy, they were having fun.

After I fed them all and walked them all home, me and Tilly headed back to tidy the mess (which surprisingly wasn't too bad). I went to cook myself some dinner which was when Tilly decided she needed another dinner! She claimed that her dinner didn't count as she was with her friends and that was her tea party dinner and now she needs real dinner!

This was Tilly's tea party dinner not her real dinner!
Soon after Tilly went to watch her kindle in her room and I relaxed on the sofa, finally enjoying the peace and quiet! After the tea party we knew that it was only a few days until mum was coming home so Tilly could look forward to that.

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