Friday, 21 October 2016

Butlins day 4 - football and the Pantomime

On the 4th day we decided that we would go to the football coaching as I knew Tilly has enjoyed it previously. This is a session run by an FA-qualified coach and helps to build stills in ball control, team tactics, passing and shooting.

Tilly was a little apprehensive at first because when we arrived she was 1 of only 2 girls in a group with almost a dozen boys (some of whom believed they were the next Rooney or Messi), but once the coach got them all participating in the different activities she loved it.

Billy bear joining in the fun
The coached used different fun games that all the children loved without realising that they where improving their skills. The coach even got the parents involved and gave us some advise on how to best support the children in the future. At one point I had to go into goal as Tilly tried to score. At this point I was torn as part of me wanted to win and save the goal but my caring older sister side came out and I let the goal in (I let it in honest!).

Tilly is so proud of her cirtificate
After all the activities the children played a game and the coach stopped the game a couple of times to allow the all the children to get a chance with the ball. The football was so much fun that even Billy bear came out to join in.

In the afternoon there was an awards ceremony for all the children that took part in the football. Tilly sat in the main pavilion and waited patiently, when her name was called she walked up onto the stage and collected a certificate, pin badge and medal. She was so excited and even took her medal to school to show it of.
Aladdin rocks
In the evening we both decided that we wanted to watch the rock pantomime Aladdin Rocks. So we headed for Centre stage a little early to ensure we got good seats. We ended up with fantastic seats near the front and by the time we had brought our slushies and popcorn (which was cheaper then I expected), the show was about to start.

The show is a version of my favourite Disney film but to a rock soundtrack. The show was quite literally the highlight of my week, it was so unbelievably funny. There were jokes aimed at all the family and at times I was almost in tears it was that funny. The performers where all really good and my favourite was widow Twanky. Throughout the show they encouraged the audience to join in by booing when Abanarza came on and at the end they got everyone up dancing.

Widow Twanky made me laugh so much
Overall this was my favourite day so far as I haven't laughed so much is a long time and would definitely recommend anyone going to Butlins needs to watch it.

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