Monday, 3 October 2016

Our Day Out in Legoland

me and Tilly enjoying ourselves on a ride
During the summer, me mum and Tilly took a trip to Legoland. We decided to stay in a hotel so that we didnt have to get up early and travel down there that day. We found a lovely Travelodge in Feltham, about 20 minuets out of Windsor. We were able to get a bus from Windsor town right up to the gates of Legoland and we arrived just before opening.

As soon as we entered Legoland, we headed for the rides. The first ride we came across was a water ride called Vikings River Splash. We thought that as it looked like it was going to be a really warm day, it didn't matter if we started the day wet, we would soon dry off. Mum insisted that she was going to wear her plastic bin bag type water proof. Me and Tilly were very embarrassed and considered telling the ride operator that she wasn't will us and that we wanted our own boat!
Tower Bridge made out of Lego. there were many famous landmarks from around the world.

As we arrived for opening, we were able to get onto the first few rides really quickly and therefore we were able to go on so many of the rides. As the day progressed the weather continued to be in our favour.

Tillys favourite ride was the Lego City Driving School. This was the first time she was able to go on it as you must be at least 6 years old. Despite her crashing multiple time and not following the traffic signs, she did really well. She even came out with her very own Legoland driving licence. The problems came later when she wanted to drive the bus home.
Tilly made a new friend

Mums favourite ride was the Coastguard HQ where we were in a battery powered boat that we had to steer round a water course. I was controlling the acceleration and therfore we thought it would be ok to let Tilly steer. We were wrong! We kept going round in circles, where over take by many other boats and I am sure we went past the same Lego elephant 6 times! At least I was able to get enough photos.

R2D2 from Star Wars made out Lego.
Althought its not a ride my favourite part of the day was seeing the Lego Star Wars Miniland Model Display and Gallery. This is several rooms filled with scenes from the Star Wars movies. There are over 1.5million Lego bricks used to make 1,500 models, some of them electric and move such as the millennium falcon with moves up and down.

Overall it was a really good day out and we all thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I would defiantly recommend Legoland as a good day out as there is something for all the family.

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