Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Quick and Easy Halloween Craft

Every Halloween I always buy sweets for the children out trick or treating. I normally buy a multi pack of mini sweets or chocolate bars but they always look boring so this year I decided to make my trick or treat sweats a little more ghostly.

This didn't take me long to do as it is quite a simple idea but it is a fabulous idea to do with the children to keep them entertained (because we all know that about now we are starting to wish we could send them all back to school tomorrow!).

All you will need is some white card (paper will also work), a pair of scissors, a colouring pen (I have used black but there is no reason why you cant mix it up a bit and use lots of colours), glue and your chosen Halloween treats.

First thing to do is to draw a ghost onto a piece of the card. If you are like me and have absolutely appalling drawing stills, you can draw around a ghost shaped cookie cutter or trace a picture from a book (or better yet just get the kids to draw them, that way you can blame them if they are unusual looking ghosts!). Your ghost needs to be bigger then your chosen sweet, I used a mini packet of Haribo sweets and made a ghost using of ½ an A4 sheet of card.

Next you cut out the ghosts, they don't have to be perfect as all ghosts seem to be drawn differently anyway! Now you need to draw a face onto your ghost. This can be as scary or as friendly as you like as I said previously this can also be any colour you like and in as much detail as you like.

When your ghost is finished stick a tiny bit of glue onto the stomach of your ghost and then stick the treat onto him. If your ghost is a master piece or you have added colour or detail to the front, there is no reason why the treat can't be stuck to the back. Once they are dry they are ready for trick or treaters.

Although I have made ghosts, if you use orange paper you can make pumpkins or use black paper to make a haunted house, witch or black cat or if you have some extra time, why not make a variety of shapes.

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