Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Happy Birthday Mum

Happy birthday to the best mum anyone could ever ask for. To someone who frequently causes trouble (both at home and abroad!), who frequently embarrasses me, but who gave me the best childhood I could have asked for.

Because of my mum, I have experienced backpacking around Europe, shopping in New York, chilling on a beach in Jamaica, had afternoon tea in Harrods and been into the Arctic circle then met the real Santa in Lapland.

My mum is frequently the life and sole of a party (if there isn't a party she will go and find one!) and my time spent with her is always filled with giggles. If I am ever feeling down I know my mum will always cheer me up with stories of the chaos she has caused and just being her usual self!

We have had our moments and argued but I know she is there for me and always will be. I am lucky because I can honestly say I have the best mum in the world. Happy birthday mum.

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