Friday, 16 December 2016

Its Christmas Jumper Day

Today is Save the Children's Christmas Jumper day. This is day where we all abandon all sense of fashion on put on our weirdest and wackiest Christmas themed jumper and raise money for a worthy cause.

Once upon a time, the Christmas jumper was seen as a cheesy fashion faux pas. They where cringe worthy and only worn by embarrassing dads on Christmas day.

Now however they are seen as a highlight of the festive season. Most shops will sell them and there are thousands of different designs out there. You can get funny ones, ones with a more traditional theme or ones that light up or jingle. There are even Christmas jumpers themed around your favourite film or TV show. I have an awesome Doctor Who themed Christmas jumper.

Save the Children started Christmas Jumper day in 2012 to raise money to help ensure that all children have access to basic amenaties such as access to education, opportunities and access to clean water.

Please help Save the Children by wearing your Christmas jumper today. The more unusual the better, and pay just £2 or what you can by visiting their website.

I have sent Tilly to school in her Christmas jumper and donation, and I will be wearing mine to help raise money for this worthy cause.

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