Monday, 5 December 2016

Just an average walk to town!

Yesterday I had to walk to town from my mums house with Tilly as I had to drop her with my mum as I had been looking after her while mum was at work.

So we set off on the half hour walk to town. I knew it would probably be a long walk to town when I realised Tilly was in one of her inquisitive moods. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that she is interested in learning new things and asks questions about the world, but she has got to the stage were saying that everything works by magic no longer works and she demands the truth. So we started a discussion on space and the planets. For some reason, she is convinced that clouds are
made of marshmallow!

I had been shopping during the day so had to carry a full back pack and a carrier bag with some rolls of wrapping paper in it. Our conversation got a little animated and I swung my carrier bag a little and my wrapping paper flew out the bottom of the carrier bag (I tutted as that bag had cost me a whole 5p!). we both burst then into giggles.

Tilly then picked it up for me and as she was handing it back to me, we both had the same spark of inspiration. We both looked at the wrapping paper in her hand, then the wrapping paper in my hand and both shouted FIGHT! We then spent the next 20 minutes running down the streets pretending to
be Jedi and fighting with rolls of wrapping paper. We must have looked liked a pair of muppets!

When I finally got home I realised I may have to buy more wrapping paper as mine was now tatty and ripped but I couldn't complain because both me and Tilly had so much fun and its spontaneous moments like this that make life so exciting.

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