Saturday, 31 December 2016

My Christmas

How was your Christmas? I took a week off blogging to get ready for Christmas and to spend some time with my family. It was a lovely Christmas so I will share with you some of my Christmas highlights.

it was a nice family Christmas

My Christmas started at 8:30pm on Christmas eve when I finished work. I excitedly cycled my legs off as fast as I could for the just over 2 miles to my mums house where I was able to see my brother, Zach and his girlfriend Amber, who had travelled from Holland just for 2 days to spend Christmas with us.
Amber also brought her dad with her who we had never met but we didn't want him to be alone at Christmas. He spoke reasonable English but we had Amber there to help with translations as he had a few miss-communications (when mum mentioned the Bucks Fizz I thought alcohol but he thought Eurovision!)

Traditionally we go to midnight mass on Christmas eve so I was hoping to get a small nap in the evening before church, however when I got home I realised it was like Piccadilly circus with everyone there and there was no chance of getting any sleep! So we sat and chatted before heading off to church.
Church Selfie

Because we only got back about 2am, we all hoped for a lay in the next day however out of everyone, it was my mum that decided to wake everyone up early! So we all got up and after having our traditional mince pie for breakfast, we opened a small mountain of gifts.
I must have been on the nice list this year as Father Christmas was very generous and I got some really nice gifts. One of my favourites was a picture of the stars as they were over the place I was born on the day I was born.

Tilly and her evil rabbit
After the gifts were opened, we pulled out the table however where was so little space that once we were sat down that was it we were trapped in! Mum made an amazing Christmas lunch with so much we could feed a small army!

Sadly I had to leave for a few hours to go to work and sadly I missed Doctor Who (thank god for BBC IPlayer!). So I had a bit of a dilemma when I got home, do I watch Doctor Who or do I spend more time with my brother? I compromised and played a Doctor Who board game with my family instead! But no need to panic, when everyone had gone to bed I sat up and watched Doctor Who. I loved it.

Sadly Zach and Amber went home boxing day morning so we spent most of the day eating left over food and playing games with my mum and sister.

Tilly tried to cheat at Doctor Who frustration

Overall it was really a good Christmas and I loved that there were so many people around. Although the house was packed and we were falling over each other, I loved it. Hope your Christmas was as good.

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