Monday, 19 December 2016

My Trip to Accident and Emergency

This Saturday I hurt my hand and I had to spend the evening in my local Accident and Emergency.
There has been a lot of bad publicity surrounding the NHS and specifically waiting times of Accident and Emergency departments. However my experience was very positive (despite the pain!) so I thought I would be nice for people to hear about a positive experience.

In the morning, I woke up to a pain in my wrist. I assumed that I could slept on it awkwardly and the pain would go. However mid-afternoon while trying to lift up my bike to turn it around, my wrist way gave and it collapsed under the weight of my bike.
I braved it out for as long as I could but was in so much pain that by the evening that my friend drove me to my local minor injuries unit. As I walked into Minor injuries I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who checked me in and seemed genuinely concerned about my wrist.

I went to sit in the waiting area and noticed the TV was on so I thought I would be able to sit and watch Strictly Come Dancing. However before I was able to finish watching the first dance I was called through. I was surprised how quickly I was seen to.

After prodding and poking my hand and arm, the doctor decided that I needed to be send to the nearest Accident and Emergency department for an x-ray. The doctor then sent me on my way with all the relevant paper work. Despite turning up less then an hour before they closed, the staff in Minor Injuries were lovely and professional.

Luckily I had a friend who was willing to drive me but in the car I was worried about how long we would have to sit in the Accident and Emergency department on a Saturday night. However as soon as I got there I was directed straight to x-ray. I have to wait only a few minutes before being taken into the exam room.

After my x ray I was sent back to wait in the reception. I noticed on a screen that waiting times where between 1hour 15 minutes to 3 hours 15. I sat down expecting to have a long wait. However as in Minor Injuries, I was called in within about 15 minutes. Where I was told I hadn't broken anything (which made me happy). The doctor understood how much pain I was in and made sure I have enough pain killers to take home with me and wrapped my arm in a splint.

I was really impressed with how quickly I was in and out of both hospitals. I think I spent just as much time getting lost in the second hospital then I did actually waiting around. All the staff I met where lovely and helpful. Everyone even the receptionists seemed to be always working which helped to make the department very efficient.
Thank you to both hospitals and all the staff who helped me and thank you to my friend who drove me to the hospital.


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