Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Pipe cleaner christmas tree

This week at Brownies we made Christmas tree decorations out of pipe cleaners. These are not as easy to make as the Christmas star I have previously made but my Brownies (aged 7- 10) were able to make them with only a little assistant, and they really enjoyed making them. So I thought I would share this idea with you to help entertain your children this Christmas time.

All you need is 2 green pipe cleaners, some coloured beads (I have used 17 but you can vary it), either a star shaped bead or star shaped stickers, a small piece of coloured paper, material or felt, and a small piece of string.

To start you fold the 2 pipe cleaners in two and twist them together at the fold, tie the piece of string around the twist. Next thread a star shaped bead onto the string, a star shaped sticker will also work, and tie a knot in the string.

Now thread the other beads onto the pipe cleaner (I have used 4 beads on each branch, feel free to use as many as you like as more beads to thread may keep the children quieter for longer!).

Next you have to bend all the pipe cleaner branches into the shape below.

When you have folded them, collect the 4 ends of the branches and bunch them together. After these you can add another bead to keep the branches together. Next you cut out 2 small squares from your coloured material or paper to make the pot. Stick these squares on either side of the bunch of branches under to bead.

Now your tree is finished and can be hung on the real tree.

Hope this has given you something to help entertain children in the Christmas holidays. If this is too difficult or fiddly for your children please see my idea for an easier craft the Christmas star decoration

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