Friday, 9 December 2016

Tilly's school assembly

This week I had to go to Tilly's school to watch her in her school assembly. At Tilly's school, every class does an assembly once a year. It only lasts about 20 minutes and parents and guardians are invited along to watch. She was very excited and had been practising at home.

So I dropped her off at the school gates and headed towards the school hall to sit and wait. At 9am a nervous looking class was lead in by their teacher and took their place on the stage. Tilly looked nervous and was looking around for me, but she smiled and waved when she spotted me.

Tilly's picture of some fireworks.
After the other classes had been led in, the assembly started. Tilly's class talked about what they had done this year and their trip to the local animal park. They talked about how they had gone to the local park and seen what litter they could find. Many of the children held up bit of rubbish and said what they had found. Tilly held up a bag and said she had found dog mess she then said only joking its plasticine! Only Tilly could have the whole hall laughing.

Tilly's picture of some flowers made from

When the assembly finished the deputy head thanked the class and asked to have a second look at some of their work. Tilly was excited and her little face lit up when she was chosen by the deputy head to give him a closer look of her art work.

After the assembly we were invited back to her classroom to take a look at her work books. As I walked through the school (more like dragged by Tilly) I suddenly heard someone shout “hello Otter”. It was then that I remembered that most of my brownies also attend this school. Other parents must have wondered why so many children were waving at me and calling me Otter!

Tilly was really happy she was given some
House points
Overall Tilly and her class did really well and it was really nice to go into her classroom to see all her work.

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