Tuesday, 3 January 2017

my hopes and wishes for 2017

I was nominated by my mum to make a blog post about my wishes for 2017. My 2016 wasn't the best year and I really struggled for a lot of it, however I am in a better place now and I am looking forward to 2017 and here are my wishes.

My 5 family wishes

I wish that my brother and Amber have a fantastic wedding in September and I hope they have the perfect day (I am going to be a bridesmaid which I am very excited about!).

I wish that Tilly continues to develop academically. Now we have a dyslexia diagnosis we can work with her school to help her learn her way. She is very clever and will some help will go far.

I wish that my mum continues to do well with her blog. She hopes that one day she can give up her job and blog full time, she puts so much work into her blog and I wish she achieves what she wants.

I wish that Tilly develops more as a person. I worry sometimes that I baby her too much and have started to try to get her to be more independent. I think she can do more then I give her credit for.

I wish that all my family are safe and happy in 2017, especially my non-blood family that have helped me though my struggles of 2016.

My 5 blog wishes

I wish my blog continues to grow and gain more followers.

I wish to gain more confidence in speaking to PR companies. I wish to work with more companies and hopefully get more products to review.

I wish to use my social media more efficiently. I frequently forget about Instagram and want to use social media to put my blog out there more.

I wish to start earning money from my blog, I just want a little extra income so that I can save up and treat myself to a holiday or sometime.

I wish to plan ahead more. I sometimes don't pay attention to events coming up and end up posting things the day of the event. I wish to plan posts more to allow me time to write and post on time.

My 5 personal wishes

I wish that 2017 is better then 2016. I bottled up my problems for a long time but since seeking help I have a more positive look on life and I wish 2017 continues to be positive.

I wish to gain confidence in telling people how I feel. I don't like feeling like I am bothering people and hope I can be more confident in confiding in people.

I wish to make more time for my friends. Because of our jobs and unusual working hours, we struggle to meet up. I want to be able to meet up more.

I wish to stand up for myself more. I wish to be able to tell people (especially work) when I don't want to do something without feeling bad.

I wish to try not to panic as much. I tend to panic about everything and hope to be able to live life without a constant sense of panic.

My 5 hopes and wishes for 2017

I hope 2017 brings more Daleks in the new series Doctor Who!

I hope 2017 brings me more opportunities to do things I've never done before or go places I never been before.

I hope 2017 brings all my readers a fantastic year. I hope all your hopes and dreams come true.

I hope 2017 brings more peace in the world. It terrifies me that there is so much violence and war in the world.

I hope 2017 brings more happiness to me and everyone else. I have only recently started living again rather then just coping with life and I hope 2017 continues like this.

Hope you enjoyed my wishes for 2017 I now tag
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