Saturday, 7 January 2017

my mum the chocoholic!

This year in the run up to Christmas, I was in a very crafty mood and thought it would be nice to make some gifts instead of buy them. Because my family can be incredibly difficult to buy for and it will add the personal touch to my gifts. I couldn't post my ideas on my blog before Christmas as my family read my blog (well they claim to anyway!!). Now that I have given all my gifts, I am able to show you one of my ideas.

My mum (like all women) loves her chocolate, however she is very fussy about the chocolate she will eat. So I decided to make her a chocolate selection box filled with her favourite chocolate so I know she will like it.

I told my mum I needed a small and thin box but didn't explain what I needed it for, she said she had one but when I saw it, it was massive. I had planned a shoebox sized box but I ended up with a massive box that was once used to contain a storage heater! Instead of turn the box down, I decided that a bigger box would make a better selection box so I went with it.

Me trying to paint the box.
I popped to my local Poundland and picked up some paint and painted the whole box blue. I did panic a little when the paint took literally 3 days to dry, but I was able to hair-dryer the paint dry and then had a perfect blue box. I then cut it open so that it opened down the side. I went back to Poundland and brought about £10 worth of mums favourite multi pack bars of chocolate and about £10 worth of her favourite big bars and bags of chocolate. I then separated out the multi packs and using double sided sticky tape, stuck them too one side of the inside of the box. I placed the bags and larger bars on the other side of the box.

This box took me a long time to make and I almost gave up when it wouldn't dry and then again when I opened it on Christmas eve and all chocolate had fallen off the sticky tape. But I persevered and it turned out fantastically.

When mum opened it on Christmas day she was so happy, she new I was doing something with a large box but didn't know what. She was so excited she put photos of it on Facebook and everyone else seemed to love it.
the finished box
This is a good gift idea not just for Christmas but for anytime for anyone who loves chocolate or is picky about the chocolate they eat. You don't need to use only chocolate, chewy sweets or boiled sweets would also go nicely depending on the tastes of the recipient.

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