Friday, 27 January 2017

The mysterious case of the paint in the night.

This week mum had a work conference in London on Tuesday and therefore was unable to take Tilly to school and asked if I could stay over Monday night and take Tilly to school Tuesday morning. Being the amazing daughter I am, I said yes and headed there Monday night after work.

I got there, had some dinner and watched some Call the Midwife on Netflix (I had never seen an episode before but since catching a bit of a documentary about it last week, I thought I would try it and I am now in the middle of binge watching the first 4 series!!). The evening was nice and went as expected so I well upstairs and got out the camp bed that I sleep on when I stay at mums house and soon fell.

Mum got up and heated for London early and being the fantastic mother she is, she made me and Tilly hot water bottles. When she came in give me mine, she noticed there was paint everywhere. It was all over my hands, my arms it was all over my pjs and even in my hair. She laughed at me and told me it was still really early and to go back to sleep and sort it out in the morning.

When my alarm went off, I noticed the paint. It had come from a large pot of wall paint that was now sitting by the camp bed (I'm not sure where it was before I went to sleep!). When I moved the camp bed, panic set in as the whole of the floor was covered in paint! While Tilly got ready for school I scrubbed the floor as much as I could.

When I came home from dropping Tilly off at school (yes I did the school run with paint in my hair!), I raided mums cleaning cupboard and collected everything I thought would help and then I spent hours scrubbing the carpet. Luckily mum has a carpet cleaner, and once I had watered the paint down a bit, it seemed to clean the paint off the carpet.

After cleaning the carpet, I had to put the bedding from the carpet into the washing mashing twice to ensue there was no paint left on it and wash everything else that has been painted. Surprisingly the only placed that seemed to avoid being painted was the walls!!

when mum got home I explain what had happened and we both had a good giggle about it. Neither of us know how the place got painted. The currently theory is that I was sleep walking as I don't remember getting up in the night. I have been known to occasionally sleep walk but have never been know to become Picaso in my sleep!

Luckily both me and the room are now paint free but mum has said she will hide the paint next time I stay over!!

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