Wednesday, 25 January 2017

what it's like being a carer.

I work as a support worker. My job involves visiting the elderly and offering help and support to ensure they can remain independent and remain in their own homes. People frequently comment that my job is admirable and that my job must be really rewarding. However this week I had a bad few days and I did start to wonder why I do this job.

All the carers have their own regular clients that they usually do, but this week I was asked to attend a couple of calls that I don't usually do as the regular carer had the weekend off. I agreed to help as it meant I would be able to work with another carer I don't usually work with. Both me and the other carer agreed after that we would both be declining any further requests to visit as this brought back all the negative sides to this job.

People are always telling me that it is nice that we visit people who may not receive any other visitors. We maybe the only contact these people have to the outside world. However sometimes the clients are not so nice and they fight us all the way, making it a difficult work environment, meaning I am moaned at for things that are beyond my control. Once I even got blamed for turning up as me and not the regular carer!

The last few days, I have been back visiting my usual clients, all of whom are lovely people and genuinely appreciate me. I visited one call and after I had put the client to bed, I left the room to fill out my paperwork and I could hear her talking to herself saying how much she likes me and how good I am at my job.

A second of my regular clients is always happy to see me and frequently even offers me cake! I have also been specifically requested by some of my clients because they believe I am nice and good at my job.

Comments like this really boost my confidence and make me realise that actually despite the odd rude client my job really is worth while because I AM MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

The other carers that I work with are all awesome and I have made some really good friends who have helped me though a tough few years and ultimately I do really love my job.

A work colleague who has become a really
good friend.

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