Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Half Term Shenanigans

As it is half term me and Tilly decided we would go on an adventure. We decided that we would go and meet mum from work as she works in a larger town and we would be able to get a bit of shopping done.

So we set off on the long bus journey. Tilly being Tilly demanded that we sit upstairs and at the front. I didn't mind this at first but soon realised that it was so she had a prime view of all the traffic on the road and so could play the yellow car game. I wasn't really paying attention to the road and so fell victim to several punches to the arm!!
I hadn't been on this bus route for a while and was pleasantly surprised that the buses have had a recent upgrade. The seats where comfier and there was USB slots so I was able to charge up my phone. There was even wifi on the bus. I was amazed.

Once we arrived we headed straight to Primark where I was able to buy quite a few reduced items. When we finished browsing, me and Tilly headed to the till. Between us we had 5 t-shirts (including one for Tilly that was a size too big but it had Minons on it and was only £1!), 2 sets of pyjamas and a little mermaid sign that Tilly fell in love with. As the items where being scanned, I was bracing myself for the damage but was pleasantly surprised to find it only came to £20. You got to love Primark!

After that we headed to ASDA to look around their clothes range. Tilly fell in love with a dress and was holding it up to herself and twirling around with it. I noticed it was part of an offer and after selecting the correct size and a cardigan to go with it, we agreed I would buy it for her as a birthday present as her birthday is only 3 weeks away.

After popping into a few more shops we met mum from her work and went for lunch. We then realised that Subway where having a customer appreciation day and if you brought a large drink, you got a free sub. Meaning all 3 of us had lunch for only £3.90. What a bargain!

Overall all me and Tilly had a really fun day and it was nice to get out of town for a day. Tilly was really well behaved all day and she didn't spend as much of my money as I thought she would!

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