Thursday, 9 February 2017

Awesome Home Made Flower Gift Idea

Valentines day, a day where traditionally you buy flowers for one you love. As a child from a one parent family, I like to buy flowers for my mum to show her how much she is loved and although she may not have a man to buy her flowers, she has us.

However this year I decided that I would make her some flowers as they wouldn't die. They looked really good and so I thought there are other parents out there who want make some with their children for that special someone.

Get some coloured paper or card and draw around your child hand and cut out the hands. make as many of these as you want.  

Then allow your child to decorate the hand how they like. Me and Tilly have used colouring pencils and stickers.

When your child has finished decorating, tape a coloured pipe cleaner to the back of the hand. If you have used paper, you may need to stick 2 of your hands together on either sides of the pipe cleaner to make the hands more sturdy.

You can make as many hand as you want and once you are finished, arrange then like a bouquet and they are ready for someone you love.

Tilly loved making these, she managed to do most of it with only a little help. We have hidden them away really for mum on valentines day. But shhhh don't tell her!

Hope you liked this idea as it not once offers a fantastic gift idea but also allows you to spend quality time with your children and encourage their creative side.

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