Friday, 17 February 2017

Randon act of kindness

Today is Random act of kindness day. We all like to think that we are kind and most people are to the ones we love, but how many people have recently done something kind to help a complete stranger without any thought of a reward?

I have put together a list of small things that you can do to help someone else that you may not have previously considered.

  1. Smile at someone. It costs you nothing and will instantly make someone happy.
  2. Compliment someone. Again this will cost you nothing but can cheer someone up for the rest of the day.
  3. Register as an organ donor. It only takes a few minutes but means upon your death, you could help save multiple lives. 90% of people believe in organ donation and yet only 18% of people are registered. Why not register yourself? for more information visit the organ donor website here.
  4. Give blood. I know not everyone is able to give blood but if you can it only takes about 2 hours of your time, 4 times a year and you could help save lives. They do reward you with tea, coffee and biscuits. for more information chick here.
  5. Bake something for a friend or relative. Lets face it who doesn't like cake? If you have some time why not cheer someone up with a home made cake?
  6. Put any loose change in a charity box. When something is 99p where do you put the 1p change? Most shops will have a charity box and all charities will appreciated a donation however small. If everyone in the UK gave 1p a week to charity, in a year we would raise over £30 million.
  7. Make someone laugh. Tell a joke or do something funny that causes someone to laugh as laughter will release hormones and make everyone happy.
  8. Donate to a food bank. Some supermarkets will have a food bank donation box. Why not buy an extra tin or beans or some pasta to add to the box. It wont cost you much but will help feed a family who have nothing.

Hope this has given you a few ideas as to why of spreading random kindness and I believe that if we all do one random act of kindness, not only would be feel better but the world would be a better place.

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