Wednesday, 22 February 2017

World Thinking Day

Today is World Thinking Day. A day celebrated every year on the 22nd February (the birthday of both Lord Robert Baden-Powell and his wife Olave Baden-Powell) by Girl Guides and Girl scouts from 146 countries World wide.

This day has been celebrated since 1926 and is intended to promote international friendship and to make girls aware of and flight against struggles facing girls and young women throughout the World.
World Thinking Day also helps to raise money for the World Thinking Day fund. A fund that helps girls and young women throughout the World by spreading the Girl Guiding movement. The fund helps packs to expand and more packs to start up.
Every year on the brownie meeting closest to World Thinking Day, we try to get our girls to consider brownies in other countries and the struggles they may face. We try to introduce them to games from other countries, song from other countries and what a brownies meeting may be like in other countries (such as what brownies are called or what their uniform looks like).
In addition to this, we also hold a division event where girls from all packs in the local area can meet up and girls can make new friends and try different things that we are not always able to do in everyday meetings. In the past we have been able to teach the girls basic words from other languages and someone even taught the girls how to make their promise in sign language.

I shall be at our event this Saturday, helping to spread the meaning behind World Thinking Day as well as helping to ensure the girls have fun (and obviously I will be waiting patiently to be given my World Thinking Day 2017 badge to add to my camp blanket!).

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