Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Baking Bread From Scratch Recipe

This week at cooking at the Chequers cookery school we made bread. I had never made bread before and always considered making bread something of a specialist skill and not something I thought I could ever do. I was so surprised at how easy it was and there really is nothing better then the smell of freshly baked bread.

As I loved making the bread, I will share the recipe with you all and I hope you will have a go making some.

Ingredients to make 6 bread rolls

500g of strong white bread flour
½ a level table spoon of salt
25g of fresh yeast or 1 table of dried yeast
300mls of tepid water
olive oil

1.put the flour and salt in a mixing bowl and mix well.
2.Rub in the fresh yeast and mix well
3.Add in the olive oil and water and mixed into a stretchy dough.

4.Add a little oil to the table and knead dough on table until smooth and stretchy. (for around 10 minuets

5.Put the dough back into the bowl and leave to prove until the dough has doubled in size.

6.Put dough back onto table and divide into 6 pieces.

7.Shape into balls for normal bread rolls or try some awesome shaped bread rolls.
8.cook bread rolls for 15 minutes on 200oC check the bread is cooked, tap the bottom and if it is cooked it will sound hollow.

If you wanted to make a whole loaf, use the same technique but don't separate into 6 pieces and cook for around 40minuets.

My bread turned out perfectly, it was really tasty and better when shop brought. Tilly was very excited as I make a roll which she said looked like a unicorn horn! Watch out Mr Kingsmill!! I hope you enjoy making and eating your bread.

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