Thursday, 30 March 2017

How Comfortable Are Hotter shoes?

This week I was invited to Hotter shoe shop in Canterbury for a special blogging event. I was very excited at this as this was my first official blogging event. 
After being too enthusiastic and arriving a few hours too early! Me, Mum and Tilly decided to go for some dinner before heading off to the Hotter store. It was only after we arrived that we realised Tilly had spilt her dinner down her jumper.  Luckily there was another mummy blogger there who was able to give us some wet wipes! 

After sorting Tilly out we were able to fully look around the store. As there is not a Hotter store in my home town I had never been to one before and didn't really know what to expect. 

When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly face and a clean, well presented store. 

After a few minutes of browsing mum found a pair of black heels she fell in love with. A member of staff was immediately there to help her. She tried some on and I was a little worried that she wouldn't take them off!!

I was pleased to find they had a large range of shoes including sandals, casuals, canvases and active shoes as well as men's and accessories. 

Hotter shoes come in UK sizes as well as UK half sizes meaning you can get a better fitting shoes. They come on ladies sizes 3 to 9 men sizes 6 to 12. Many of their shoes also come in a range of width fittings to ensure an even better fit. 

Now I'm not really a girly girl. When it comes to shoes I normally buy from whatever local shop is having a sale. Due to my job I spend a lot of time on my feet and walking around and therefore I need comfortable shoes. 

I did like the look of some of their shoes from the canvas range. They did look very comfy as well as very pretty. However soon I got very excited when I spotted some lovely trainers from the active range. The trainers came in a range of colours however I fell In love the blue. 

Despite the store being very busy, as soon as I showed interest in the trainers A member of staff was promptly there to assist me. I was able to try on the trainers in my size. They fitted perfectly and I was one happy Kimberley. 

Hotter shoes Fill the souls of most of their soles with millions of air bubbles making them lightweight. They also contain a lot of cushioning and padding along with memorise insoles. As soon as you put on Hotter shoes you can tell they are quality. Compared to the shoes I was wearing, The  Hotter trainers were so much more comfortable. Hotter shoes also contain flexi grooves in the soles which are designed to move as you do. I definitely noticed this as the shoes so very flexible and one more supportive than my ordinary trainers. 

Overall Hotter shoes are brilliant. Although their shoes are more expensive than I would ordinarily pay, they are definitely worth it. the staff that I was served by were friendly and helpful. They were well educated on the Hotter range of shoes and knew about the best way to care for shoes.

I would definitely recommend Hotter shoes. They have 75 stores nationwide so hopefully there is one near you. You can also visit the website where they have a click and collect service and you can sign up for their newsletter.

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