Monday, 29 May 2017

Gelatine free Sweets

Being a vegetarian there are many foods that I can't eat. Some of these may surprise you. I always have to check the back of packaging because foods that you think may be ok aren't always. 

One of these types of food is chewy and jelly sweets such as Haribo. These sweets contain gelatine which is derived from the collagen of many animals such as cows, pigs and in some cases horses. 

At first this really upset me as I loved Haribo but I stopped eaten them as soon as I found out. I haven't eaten them for so long that I no longer miss them and I can happily walk past them in a shop. 

So imagine my excitement when I attended the BlogOn conference in Manchester this month to find 2 companies introducing their gelatine free range. 

Swizzles are best known for doing their drumstick lollipops but are now releasing some soft chews which are gelatine free. 

Free From Fellows are also releasing a range of sweets including cola bottles, midget gems and gummy bears which are all gelatine free, sugar free and gluten free. 

In my goody bag, I was able to try some of these new sweets and they taste really nice. They are a little softer then I had imagined they would be but full of flavour. 

Free From Fellows sweets are available from Holland and Barrett and Swizzles are releasing their gelatine free range in Tesco stores soon. I would definitely recommend them. 

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