Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Have You Considered Contact Lenses?

Last year I started wearing glasses but I am always loosing them or forgetting them. I frequently get half way to work before realising my glasses are not on my face!

So I was super excited to be offered the opportunity to try contact lenses from

They arrived in the post within a few days of me given them my prescription and I was so happy. The package was neat, tidy and look very professional. I was pleased that the packaging was in a box appropriate for the size of the products.

When I opened the box I was please to find a list of dos and don'ts in regards to using contact lenses. This was particularly helpful for me as i was a first time user.

It did take me about 30 minutes to get the first of the contact lenses in as my eyes weren't cooperating and kept trying to close as I was a little nervous. But once they were in, I was surprised at how I could hardly feel anything. They were incredibly comfortable to wear.

I soon forgot I was wearing contact lenses as my vision was exactly as if I were wearing glasses. It was only when I reached up to fiddle with my glasses when I was bored, that I remembered. I was glad that I didn't have to worry about leaving my glasses anywhere or forgetting them. I was also pleased that when it rained I didn't have to worry about little droplets of rain obscuring my vision!!

The best bit about is that they offer Colourblend lenses. These lenses not only correct your sight but also change the colour of your eyes. I chose some Brilliant Blue coloured lenses. I was a little worried as I have naturally dark eyes and was unsure whether the colour would be noticeable. However I was truly amazed at how blue my eyes were. Everyone was commenting on how good they looked. I hadn't told Tilly what I was doing and she was really shocked at my eyes!

The good news is that  do offer colourblend lenses with a zero prescription so even if you don't wear glasses you can still change the colour of your eyes.

Overall I am really pleased with the contact lenses and would definitely recommend them. I am definitely glad i tried them and persevered in getting them in!! For more information and to buy some contact lenses please visit their website here.

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