Monday, 19 June 2017

My JD Williams Bridesmaids Dress

I'm not really a girly girl. I really don't like wearing dresses but I have been asked to be a bridesmaid at my brothers wedding and so will be required to wear a dress. My brothers fiancée told me what sort of thing she wanted but said I could chose it myself so I was comfortable. This left me in a bit of a dilemma as I wanted to respect my brothers wishes and wear a dress but I was struggling to find a dress I liked.

My mum then suggested that I look at the website for JD Williams. JD Williams is a website that has a range of clothing and accessories for all occasions, designed specifically for plus size women.

So I had a look at the website, there were many dresses that I liked but was unsure whether I would be comfortable wearing them, but after much deliberation, I found a dress that I liked and would be willing wear and fitted what my brother wanted. So everyone was happy.

The dress came quickly and I was a little nervous as I really really don't like wearing dresses and I was apprehensive as too how it would look on me. However I didn't need to worry as the dress was exactly as advertised. The dress fitted perfectly and looked good.

This comes in sizes 12-32 and if your not sure there is a sizing guild on the website but I believe the sizing was perfect and is in line with other major retailers. (I hate when company's have clothing that comes up small and so you have too buy a bigger size). The dress was also the perfect length. I am around 5'5 and the dress was no quite hitting the floor.

Despite my fears, the dress wasn't too tight and didn't cling to me. It was also very flattering as waistline is specially designed to compliment a fuller figure. I was suprised at how comfortable I did feel once the dress was on.

The dress is a lovely spearmint colour (but also comes in cherry) and made from 99% polyester. I particularly liked the lace at the top as I don't really like to show off the top of my arms. I also liked the neckline I felt it was feminine but not to revealing.

 I washed the dress in the washing machine on a hand wash setting with a 600 spin and dried it the tumble drier on a normal setting. The dress came out perfectly and there was no shrinking.

Although this dress isn't designed as a bridesmaids dress and is from the JD Williams summer range, it looks elegant and pretty enough to be a bridesmaids dress. Plus it means I feel more comfortable and so my brother gets his bridesmaid in a dress!

Overall I am really impression with the dress from JD Williams. I honestly thought I would be running around until the wedding trying to find something then settling with any dress that fitted what my brother wanted. But thanks to JD Williams I am going in a dress that I like and looks like a bridesmaids dress.

Please visit the JD Williams website to browse their range of plus size women's clothing as well as their range of men's, kids and accessories.

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