Saturday, 10 June 2017

Tilly made her Brownie Promise

This week Tilly made her brownie promise something that we make a big deal about in my pack. We make sure the girls understand what the promise means and we make the evening about them.

We try to plan it so that two or three girls make their promise on the same day to help the girls as many of them are only 7 when they make their promise and can get very nervous. Knowing someone else is doing it as well can be reassuring. This week we had a Tilly and a Lilly making their promise which caused some slight confusion!

Me and tilly had practiced at home and I had explained what would happen. We spent many walks to school reciting the Promise and I told her the brownies story. She was still quite nervous but she knew me and mum would be there cheering her on.

So we started the meeting by having a quick run though of what would happen before playing one of the girls favourite games.

After the game mum turned up along with Lilly's family so we could begin and apart from a slight problem finding the promise badges, all went well.

Tilly did really well, she smile and was really clear when she spoke. She was happy as she got to hold Gertrude, a small knitted brownie who is our pack mascot and has help many brownies make their promise.

After the ceremony we celebrated with bubbles, balloons and played Tilly's favourite game.

The sweets company Swizzles where able to donate some drumstick lollypops so the brownies where able to take home a lolly each (that made them happy!) in celebration.

Overall the evening when really well and Tilly is so happy that she has a shining new badge for her uniform and another one to sew onto her blanket. Which means I should get to work on the sowing  as I know she is starting her interest badges and will have more to sow on soon!

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