Monday, 3 July 2017

Look at Tilly's New Night Light

I have been a Brownie leader for almost 8 years and for years all I heard from Tilly was can I go to Brownies yet? Am I old enough to come with you yet? Every year I would take the Brownies to camp and Tilly would always say she couldn't wait to come. This year she is old enough to come.

We camp in a church hall about an hour from where we live and the girls always have a fantastic time.

When the forms went out in march, Tilly was the first to bring hers back and was so exited. However the last few weeks she has been asking more questions about camp and what we get up to. I think that
because it is so close, it has become real for Tilly and as a result, she is getting nervous.

One of the things that she is especially nervous about is the fact that the church hall has many rooms in the brownies sleep in separate room to the leaders. I have explained that someone will stay till the girls are asleep and she will be shown where I am sleeping. However she is still a little unsure.

I thought that if I were to buy her a torch she would feel better. So I contacted the nice people at Varta as I had seen they have recently released a range of minion themed torches and I know Tilly loves minions. I have never used Varta products so was unsure of what to expect.

Within a few days they had sent me some goodies which resulted in 2 very happy people. The package was reasonable sized for the products and very colourful to fit into the minion theme.

The first thing I received was a minion flash light in yellow (also comes in blue). Tilly loved it. It is not too heavy or bulky, it is small and perfect sized for a child's hand. It is clear and easy to turn on and there are some ridges in the plastic so that it is easy to turn on in the dark.

The beam range of this torch is 13m which is perfect as it means Tilly can see where she is going if she needs to get up in the night.

In comparison to other torches, the light output of the torch is low. However this is designed and a children's torch and light emitted is still high and perfectly suitable for what we need.

Something I was really pleased about is that this torch came with batteries. I have never heard of Varta batteries before but have been pleasantly surprised. The battery life of the torch is 16 hours and I would definitely buy Varta batteries in the future.

To buy a Minion torch please visit the website. 

The second item we were send was of a minion night light. This is a very cute night light shaped like minion Bob. This is awesome. When switched on it creates a warm and calming atmosphere. It is perfect for Tilly to place next to her bed at camp and it will guild her back to her bed if she needs to get up.

The minion night light is very easy to turn on and off. You simple press the minions belly. It is slightly raised so can be found in the dark. Like the torch, this also came with batteries.

The night light has 2 settings a 100% and a low setting meaning we can set the light to low to prevent the other brownies waking up. I was pleased when I found out that the light has an automatic turn off (after 30mins of 100% and after 60mins on low). This means that we wont waste the batteries if Tilly falls asleep with it on.

To buy a minion night light please visit their website

Both these products came with a 3 year Varta guarantee.

Overall I am very pleased with the products and would definitely used Varta again. They don't just do children's torches, but have a large range of torches, lights, batteries as well as portable power banks. Check out their website to browse their full range.  Tilly will be going off to camp a little more confident now.

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