Monday, 24 July 2017

The Last Brownie Meeting of the Year

This week was the last brownie meeting of the year. As usual we allowed the brownies to decide what we would do in this meeting. Previously we have done all sorts including having movie nights, chocolate evenings and a pyjama and pamper evening.

This year however we were surprised as the girls wanted a meeting where we went to the local park and played games outside.

I was pleased with this plan as it involved very little planning and preparation!! However I did panic slightly when it started raining in the morning of the meeting. Luckily for us, it stopped quickly and we were able continue with our plans.

Luckily just over the road from our meeting place is a grassy area we can use. So we packed up some toys and headed off over the road.

We were able to play a game of rounders, some of the girls did surprising well (others not so well!!). After are game of rounders, we were able to play some other brownie games that we don't get to play as frequently due to needing more space.

After some time playing outside we took the girls back to our meeting hall. We then surprised the girls by telling them that we would be making smores. Resulting in a pack of very happy brownies!

So we gave each of the girls a tea light and a marshmallow on a stick. It took quite a while for the marshmallows to toast as the girls kept blowing out the tea light. I was running around trying to keep up and relight them all.

After the marshmallows were toasted each brownie got 2 chocolate biscuits.

Overall the brownies really enjoyed their last meeting of the year. It was nice to have a meeting that was very unstructured and it shows that children these days are still happy to go outside and play.

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