Monday, 14 August 2017

Stranger in the Window

Every year my home town runs a competition called 'stranger in the window'. Children that want to take part Pay a pound and they are given a sheet containing the names and addresses of just over 50 local shops and businesses that have chosen to take part.

The children have to visit every shop on the list and locate the 'stranger in the window'. The stranger is an item that doesn't fit in in the window display for that shop. For example a shop that sells Music equipment may have a pair of shoes in the window display or A shop that sells clothing may have a tin of beans in their window display.  

Tilly looking for something that doesn't belong there

The children then write what they think is the stranger next to the name of the shop and when they finished they hand the piece of paper back in for a chance to win some money. 

We are very lucky that there is somebody in our home Town that has organised everything and gone to the effort of getting local businesses involved and giving the children something to do. 

Oh look she found the stranger. It was a jar of marmite

I thought this would be good to play with Tilly as it would get her out the house during the long summer holidays. We visited some shops that we never visited before and me and Tilly had a game between us which one could spot the stranger first.

Some of the shops are relatively easy to find a stranger as they knew it would be mainly children looking for it. But some of them were really difficult. One shop was a small convenience shop that sold a variety of items and it took us a long time to spot that one of the cans of soft drink in the display was not a can of soft drink! We also visited a carpet shop which was on the list and to be fair it's a massive shop on a corner so there was A lot of window display to look at. After about half an hour of hunting the shop owner took pity on us and told us which of the windows it was in. It still took me about 10 minutes to work out that they had placed at tiny silver thimble on the end of silver metal display case. Both me and Tilly were jumping with joy when we found it!

Even the local pub got involved and put a medal in their window

After three days of hunting through are local town visiting all the shops we had finished. We managed to find all the strangers. So we handed in our sheet of paper and fingers crossed we might get lucky and win. 

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