Monday, 7 August 2017

Packing for Brownie Camp

With less then 2 week to go until me and Tilly head off to Brownie camp, I thought it would be nice to sit down and pack with her so I can work out what I still need to get her.

At Brownies we do encourage parents to pack with their girls so that the girls can see what they are taking, as many of the girls will unpack on the first day but then will be unable to recognise their stuff a few days later. The last day is always spent waving stuff around shouting 'who does this belong to'! we have a large pile of tea towels from previous years that are still unclaimed!

At first Tilly was really excited, she was reading out the kit list and picking out what she wanted to take. Quite soon we realised everything isn't going to fit into the suitcase so she is going to take her suitcase and put some of her bits in mine!

After we had finished we decided to get the bus to a local town with more shops as there was still some bits we needed and we thought it would be nice to meet mum after work.

As soon as we arrived we headed for Primark as mum had brought us a gift card each and Tilly was excited to buy some bits herself. After getting the bits we needed, we headed to some other shops getting Tilly some other bits including some armbands for when we go swimming.

We then went to get Tilly some slippers. Tilly was really disappointed that the minion slippers she found where too small but luckily she found some paw patrol slippers that she liked and I liked because they were in the sale!

We were able to get everything we needed so it was I feel today was a success and although when we arrived it was raining, it soon brighten up. So we met mum for lunch and headed home to pack the last bits.

This has now got Tilly all excited as now she knows Brownie camp is soon. Now we just need to hope that mum doesn't need the suitcase in the next week!

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