Monday, 11 September 2017

And Were Back To Normal

This week everything has gone back to normal (well as normal as my life gets!). After a fun summer of exciting days out, Brownie holiday and my brothers wedding, this week saw the return to school and normal working hours. 

Tilly went back on the Wednesday but as I was already back to work, it felt to me like any other day.  

Thursday however, I cursed my alarm clock as I had to get up early to take Tilly to school. During the summer, mum had brought Tilly a whole new uniform. So it was nice to be able to immediately find 2 matching white socks instead of the usual half hour hunt consisting of me collecting all the white socks I can find and praying to every deity I know that 2 of them have the same pattern!! 

On the way to school I was silently excited that for the next 6 hours I would have peace and quiet.

But once I had dropped Tilly off at school, I found myself thinking 'what do I do now?' For once I had a day with no plans. No 7 year old to entertain, no Brownie planning to do and no wedding shopping to finish. 

So I did the only logical thing to do. I spent the day on social media and flicking through the online TV streaming services I have. It was so nice not to be constantly interrupted by Tilly every few minutes and to watch a program without having to pause it all the time!! I have promised myself to be more productive on my next day off! 

Overall I am glad things are back to normal but after having a few weeks off and then only working a few days a week, going back to work full time is exhausting  and I need another holiday!

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