Monday, 4 September 2017

Should we Allow Our Children So Much Screen Time?

It has been a week since we have arrived back from brownie holiday and it has made me thought about the amount of time Tilly spends in front of a screen. 

All electronic devices are band from camp. When I was a brownie this didn't really matter to me as at 9 years old all I owned was a Walkman and I could easily live without it for a week.

However nowadays young children have all the latest gadgets. I when I told Tilly she wasn't allowed any of her electronic devises, she was horrified. She wanted to take her mobile phone and her kindle. She did ultimately give up and leave them at home. 

Though out the whole week at brownie camp, not once did Tilly mention that she wanted her kindle or ask to play games on my phone. We packed so much into the holiday with fun days out, swimming, going to the beach, craft activities and we even had a water fight!! We did so much with the girls there was no time for kindles!

Every evening the girls had free time where they were able to relax and do what they wanted, most chose to make something using the random craft box (it contained bits and bobs such as paper, pens, pipe cleaners, stickers, beads and stampers). Others chose to just sit and read or chat to friends. None of them were ever bored.

The girls all went home with lots of bits they had made and stories of thing they had done. 

As soon as Tilly got home the first thing she asked was to go on her kindle and mum is thinking about getting a tv put into Tilly's room. 

But I think I will be cutting down on the time Tilly is sat behind a screen. I know that we put a lot of effort into brownie holiday and some of the crafts they enjoyed did take a long time to sort and prepare, something that most parents may not have time to do. 

But a trip to the local Poundland to find some crafty bits or some outside toys and she doesn't have to be on her kindle all day. 

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