Monday, 18 September 2017

Weekend Box have Teamed up with Snazaroo

Weekend box have teamed up with Snazaroo to create some fantastic Weekend boxes containing face paints.

Tilly was very excited to find that the Weekend box was very colourful and inviting and was addressed to her and when she opened it, she couldn't wait to get started.

Tilly's Weekend box contained the face paints for a princess although there are many other options. I was pleased to find that once I opened the paint pot there was a 3 step guide to follow as I didn't know how to paint a princess! I just needed to add a couple of drops of water and we were in business.

Snazaroo paints are all made in the UK. They are skin friendly as they are fragrance and paraben free. I have very sensitive skin and the face paints caused no irritation on my face or hands so I have no worried about applying it on childrens skin. These face paints are suitable for all ages but Snazaroo recommend face painting for children over 3 years.

Snazaroo paints are water based but it did take a bit of washing to get the paint of Tilly's face. Some of the colours did require 2 of 3 washes with soap and water to get off. Tilly managed to get some paint on her trousers but the paint did come off in the washing machine first time.

The Weekend box also contained a stamper set. This had 3 stamps with some paint in 3 different colours. Tilly loved this as she was also to do it herself. Like the face paint, all she required was a few drops of water and before I knew it she had stamped cupcakes up her arms (and all over her belly)!!

The paint supplied in these Weekend boxes is enough to transform the faces of several children to spark their imagination. A little bit of face paint and they can spend the day as a tiger, pirate or anything they want.

This is also perfect to keep for dressing up days at school and children parties Tilly gets invited too. I will definitely be getting them out when Tilly has friends over.

Once I open the Weekend box, I noticed that it contained a certificate for Tilly was colour in. so even when the face paints are away, Tilly is still entertained with her colouring.

The Weekend box costs just £2.99 and I was impressed with it. I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to keep their kids entertained.

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