Saturday, 21 October 2017

Living by the Beach

When I was a child, I grew up in a small village in the middle of nowhere. When we moved to a town on the coast, I thought it was awesome. The first year I spend every moment I could at the beach. I absolutely loved it, it was like constantly being on holiday. And because we lived on the outskirts of
town, the beach near my house is normally very quite with very few people.

However over the years the novelty of living near the beach has warn off and sometimes I even forget that I live so close to the sea.

This summer I hardly spent any time at the beach. One of the few occasions that I did spend some time at the beach was because a friend from out of town was visiting and she wanted to spend some time at the beach as she doesn't live near a beach. We sat on the beach in the sun eating fish and
chips. Something that I wish I did do more often but, because it is always there I never seem to do.

Last weekend me and Tilly went to town and we decided to walk home along the sea front instead of the usually way which is along a road. It was an unusually warm day for this time of year so when Tilly asked if she could play on the stones, I had no reason to say no.

It was nice to see Tilly play on the beach and have fun as it reminded me of the time that I enjoyed just being at the beach. She spend ages just playing and collected pretty stones.

I seems such as shame that something that is literally right on my doorstep, I don't use. As a child I would love when I went on holiday to the beach but now I live near the beach, I don't use it.

I hope in the future, I will appreciate more of what is in my local area and make the most of it. next summer I have plans to spend day on the beach with my family and friends, cooling down in the sea and having barbeques. hopefully by the summer I will still appreciate my beach.

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