Friday, 13 October 2017

The Day Everything Went Wrong!

This week I had one of those days. The kind of day that that could have gone wrong, did go wrong!

It all started the night before when I realised that it was a fancy dress day at Tilly's school. They were meant to come as a famous Londoner past or present. We had ordered Tilly a Queen Victoria outfit and although it said it would arrive about 4 days before we needed it, it never arrived. I hoped that it would arrive that morning but when it didn't, we panicked. After a hunt through Tilly's dressing up closet, I was able to find a maids costume and told Tilly she was a maid from Buckingham palace.

About 15 minuets before we were due to leave the house, Tilly was packing her bag when I noticed a little bit of colour on Tilly's white apron. At first I assume Tilly had spilt something on her dress but closer inspection Tilly had reopened a wound on her wrist and there was blood all over the apron. Due to the amount of blood I new it would need more then a baby wipe to clean it. So I whipped it off Tilly and placed it in the washing machine on a rapid wash.

While this was happening I went to make Tilly's lunch, only to find I had forgotten to buy bread. So after a few curse words, I decided we would have to buy something on the way.

By the time the washing machine had finish it was time to leave but I couldn't put Tilly in a soaking wet dress so I threw it into the tumble dryer and we waited while it dried. We ended up leaving the house almost 15 minutes late and had to run to school (after popping into the corner shop to buy Tilly a sausage roll for her lunch).

To my surprise, we made it with about a minute to spare. I shoved Tilly through the school gates before they close and explained to the teacher at the gate why she was still a little damp! Once she was in school I was able to breath a sign of relief until I got home and realised Tilly had forgotten to take in her pencil case. oh well she would have to borrow a pencil today!

After a few hours of sorting out emails and paperwork, I met Tilly from school however her arm had been bleeding again at school. I decided it would be best to take Tilly to our local minor injuries department just to get her arm checked out. We are lucky that our minor injuries is brilliant and not normally as busy as an accident and emergency department. Today however it seemed as if every man and his wife were there. We waited quite a while but luckily the TV was on and we were able to watch Tipping Point and half of The Chase before being called in.

The nurse was able to put a dressing on Tilly's arm and told me how to redress it and Tilly got a teddy bear for being good. We finally made it home a few hours later then expected. Me and Tilly decided it had been a long day so we deserved enchiladas for dinner. Of course because today nothing was going right, I ended up burning myself on the cooker!! luckily it was not serious as I refused to go back to hospital again that day.

Me and Tilly ended up eating dinner in bed while watching a movie. both hoping we had a better day the next day!

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