Monday, 27 November 2017

A Geeky Gift Guide

Every year people always say that I am hard to buy for. I must admit I don't always know what I want but I always say "I'm a geek, anything with the Doctor Who, Star Wars or DC comics logo I will love".

I do understand that this is a very open description of what a geek would want and so I have made a geeky gift guide with examples of what to buy the geek you love.

Us geeks ( like so many other people) love our technology. Nowadays our mobile phones seem to be glued to our hands and a single mobile phone is millions of times more powerful then the combined technology that landed man on the moon.

The only problem with our advanced technology is that battery power has not increased as much as we would have loved. A battery on a mobile phone can drain if, like me, you use your phone a lot listening to music or taking photos.

However I have discovered Power banks. This is a portable electricity supply. Charge it up like a mobile phone and when you are out and your phone battery gets low, simply plug it in and your phone will charge on the go.

You can buy Power Banks from many places however I would highly recommend a Varta power bank. These are reliable and can charge a empty battery twice with a single charge. Varta offer a range of Power banks on their website, I have chosen one that comes with stencils and you can customise. Varta Power Banks can be found here.

A second option is clothing. Us geeks like to show our fandom in the clothes we wear. A top with the Tardis on or some Iron man pjs. And who doesn't love a pair of socks for Christmas. These days you can buy socks with almost every design. Even my local Poundland store have a small range of superhero socks which I love. I would definitely recommend clothing as a gift idea.

My favourite character from the Star Wars franchise is BB-8 so I fell in love with this light up BB-8. This is a lovely BB-8 shaped clear plastic ornament has a white outline of the detail on BB-8. The BB-8 sits on a light box and when turned on make BB-8 light up in an orange glow. It looks awsome whether it is turned on or not.

BB-8 works with either batteries or comes with cable and can be plugged in. I like to use this in the evenings as the light is not too bright or harsh but still allows me to see what I am doing. I believe this would be a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan.

For many families spending time together is a key aspect of of Christmas and a part of this in my family is playing board games. A gift idea for a geek is a board game based on their favourite show. Many well loved board games such as Monopoly and Scene It do versions of the game based on different TV shows. For my birthday I received a Doctor Who version of Monopoly and not only did I loved the game but I loved the family time that the game brought. Games such as these can easily be brought online on sites such as Amazon.

I hope that this guide has given you a few ideas into what to buy a geek this christmas. Good luck with your christmas shopping.

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