Monday, 13 November 2017

I finally started my Christmas shopping

This week I started my Christmas shopping. Although I had brought a couple of bits in previous weeks, I finally went out with the intention of buying Christmas presents. 
I'm quite lucky that my family isn't too big and so I don't have to buy for many people. But some of the people I do have to buy for are quite difficult.  

My mum for example. When questioned about what she wanted for Christmas she replied that all she wanted was a gift card to help pay toward a holiday. (She if going to Turkey with my sister in May). 

I always thought that gift cards where a little bit of a naff present. Given to those you didn't really know or couldn't be bothered to go out and actually buy a physical gift. 

But if that is what mum wants, that is what mum will get. However I did go out and get her some other bits so she had presents to open on Christmas Day. 

It doesn't help that mums birthday is also approaching and so I have to find twice as many gifts. 

I have raided the local shop and let Tilly loose in Poundland (sorry mum but it's what Tilly wanted to give you!). I have a small selection of gift for her to open but will be on the look out for more. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

My mum is an awesome mum and I want to be able to buy her the world. But alas I can't afford it and she doesn't seem to want anything. 

My sister is also a difficult one. She will be 8 in march and seems to be growing up so fast. Last year she wanted my little pony toys and there were so many it was easy to get her something I knew she would love. 

However this year she seems to be at a difficult age. She is at the age where she is growing out of toys I would have previously got her but not quite at the pre-teen wanting makeup stage. 

Overall I am glad I have a few week to ponder for Christmas gifts. Any idea would be greatly appreciated. 

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