Monday, 6 November 2017

It's Christmas... hold your horses it's only November!!

This week we celebrated Halloween but it seems as if we can't finish one celebration before the shops are ready for the next celebration. 

Me and Tilly went trick or treating on Halloween evening which this year fell on a Tuesday. By Wednesday morning there was not a Halloween costume to be found in the shops. 

Before we even had a chance to take down our Halloween decorations it looked like an explosion in a tinsel factory in some shops! Everywhere you looked was wrapping paper, Christmas lights, baubles and novelty Christmas gifts. 

By the Friday a lot of shops were in fall on Christmas mode and were even playing Christmas music. Come on people it's November!! 
I must admit I fell into the trap and I when into a shop to buy a drink and came out with 34 mini candy canes and some snowmen shaped bath bombs. I did laugh to myself and thought as if these candy canes are going to last till Christmas!!

In my mind the festive period starts in December. On December 1st I get out my festive jumper, download my festive music and start wishing people a merry Christmas. I think this is a reasonable time but the shops seem to think i should already be singing my favourite festive tunes.

Tilly sometimes struggles with the concept of time. She knows what a day is and what a week is but having to explain that we have almost 2 months until Christmas even though the shops are Christmas made is confusing her. I have to keep reminding her that we can't put Christmas decorations up yet as we have to celebrate mummy's birthday first. 

I do understand that for some shops (such as The Card Factory) Christmas makes up a significant proportion of their annual profit and therefore want to start early. and I do understand that things sent in the post take longer over the festive period and so online shopping or Christmas cards need to be sent earlier. But I think this early is a little extreme. 

When do you think we should get into the festive spirit. Do you share my belief that shops are being a little premature on Christmas front?  

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