Friday, 1 December 2017

Have You Tried The Milton Hygiene Range?

Before Tilly was born I didn't realise the importance of sterilising things. I would wash up with washing up liquid and wash and that was always sufficient.  But suddenly Tilly arrived and washing wasn't good enough and I was introduced to the world of sterilising bottles and dummies.  

Mum chose the brand Milton for her sterilising supplies. We never had a problem with Milton products and so we always used them. However as Tilly grew up, the need to sterilise became less and less important and we stopped buying Milton products. 

However recently I have been introduced to the Milton hygiene range. This is a range of products designed to help keep the family clean and safe on the go.
As Milton is a brand I trust I thought I would I try their products and as I was soon going to Brownie camp, this would be the perfect opportunity to try these products. 

The first item I tried was the Milton antibacterial surface wipes. These are just like baby wipes and are perfect for using on things such high chairs and tables while out and about. 

At Brownie camp every Brownie is given a place mat for the dinner table. As you can imagine with children these place mat got very mucky, very quickly. I used the Milton antibacterial surface wipes to clean them. 

I found the wipes brilliant. They easily cleaned off the mess we could see and I felt confident they were removing any bacteria we couldn't see. I have sensitive still and some cleaning products do bring out a
rash. I was pleased that these wipes did not. Additionally these wipes did not have a overly strong scent and so I felt they would be gentle enough for the Brownies to be able to do then cleaning themselves. 

The next product I used is the Milton antibacterial hand gel. I am a fan of hand gel, there are many time when water is not available. I am so glad that I took it on our days out.  

There were times when the girls touched things they shouldn't or spilt something on their hands and we even had a few tumbles. It was brilliant to be able to use an antibacterial hand gel to clean them. It gave me more confidence that their exposure to germs was minimal. 

I was less worried about germs meaning they could spend more time being Kids. 

Just like the antibacterial surface wipes, the antibacterial hand gel was gentle on my sensitive skin. I particularly like the hand gel as it did not feel sticky like some hand gels I have previously tried and it dried really quickly. 

Overall I am really pleased with the Milton hygiene range. They came in so much use while out and about and I would definitely recommend these products to families. Milton products can be found in many stores such as in supermarkets and health and beauty stores. 

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