Sunday, 24 December 2017

Why am I sick over Christmas?

I'm not one who is regularly ill. I do sometimes catch a cold or the sniffles but it's never serious enough to stop me living life or to take time off work.

So last Wednesday when I started to feel a little under the weather, I simply tutted and carried on knowing that I had Thursday off and would spend it in bed if I needed to.

By Thursday evening I was feeling a little better. I had no voice and my throat hurt but I felt ok in myself. So I assumed What ever it was would just go away like normal.

On Friday morning I felt so much worse in myself, I felt like I had swallowed a pack of razor blades and I was sick a few times where my troat was enflamed and it was affecting my gag reflex. Luckily I was able to get a doctors appointment for that day.

I was surprised that although I was a little early for my appointment, I was in to see a doctor very quickly.

The doctor stated that I have a very  bad throat infection. The doctor said it was so bad that she gave me the details of Which hospital to attend if it got worse over the weekend.

I was given a course of strong antibiotics and told not to go to work for a few days. I assumed I would get better In a few days however by Tuesday I was still just as bad so I returned to the doctors who confirmed the infection had moved to my chest.

So that meant more time off work and more tablets. Tilly offered to help look after me and I felt so proud when she told me that if I needed anything I should not get up but use the force instead!

Me and Tilly had plans to go visit one of the local towns that has a larger variety of shops to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Sadly i was too ill to take her but luckily I had done my Christmas shopping and was just planning to get little extra bits.

After a few days in bed I started to feel better and after a week of no eating, I was able to eat solid food again.

Although I am still sleeping through large proportions of the day and I'm still not quite myself, I am confident that I will be well enough to celebrate Christmas with my family.

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