Friday, 19 January 2018

The downside of my job

 I work as a community care worker. This means I go into the homes of the elderly and those less able and help out with meal preparation and general household chores. 

I love my job. I love all the people I meet and sometimes my job doesn’t feel like a job at all. 

However this week as I prepare to attend yet another funeral, I do wonder why I do this job. I have attended more funerals this year then most people attend in their lifetime. And although attending a funeral is optional, I like to go to show support to the family and to say my goodbyes. 

When I started this job, the advice i was given was to not get too attached and I understood that I would see a lot of people gradually getting weaker and ultimately pass away.  

However I don’t feel you can do this job if you don’t don’t get too attached. To do tho job you need to be understanding and compassionate and I believe that becoming emotionally attached to your clients is something that you can’t prevent if you have these qualities. 

I do understand that funerals are common place in my line of work and they won’t stop me from continuing in this job. I just wish they weren’t. 

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