Friday, 2 February 2018

Not Sure if Pot Making is for me!

This week I was invited into Tilly’s school as they were holding an open day. Each day, a different year group would invite the parents into the class room to spent the morning seeing what the children had been learning about this term.

As her years day fell on my day off, I went along to see what she had been up to. Tilly year had been focusing on the Stone Age and we got to see pictures and videos of their interactive lessons. I then had the opportunity to look through her work books to evaluate Tilly’s progress.

All the children in Tilly’s class seemed to really love learning about the stone age and their teachers seem to be making it a fun topic. Not everything was classroom based and all the children seemed to love dressing up and pretending to be from the stone age.

After this we were all told we would be making a clay pot. Now neither me or Tilly are overly artistic, I love doing simple crafts but have never attempted to make a clay pot. Luckily we were provided with instructions.
So me a Tilly sat at her desk and started rolling our clay. Me and Tilly were able to quickly do our base and it was surprisingly circular! I then put Tilly on sausage rolling duties and bless her heart she tried but she was making them too thin and they were braking in 2.

After many attempts me and Tilly had finished our pot. It had become more egg shaped and was taller in some places then in others! I look at the other families and some of them were really good. One family had even managed to make a lovely pot with a matching lit.

My heart then dropped as I went to move it and I realised our pot was stuck to the board we were working on. I then spotted one of the children's rulers and slowly and carefully managed to get it off the board. Both me and the parent next to me let out a sigh of relief when it came off the board.

Although I'm not convinced our pot will stand when it is dried, both me and Tilly had a lot of fun making and pot. I'm glad her school have these days as not only can we monitor her academic work but can help her learn by having fun.

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