Thursday, 22 March 2018

How Old Do I Look?

I am lucky. I have never really looked my age. I always say it’s because of my mum, she looks really good for her age and I have clearly inherited some good genes! However last weekend I and my family went to Brighton on the train and I was mistaken for a 15-year-old!

We bought our train tickets at the train station in our hometown. I and my mum went up to the man in the ticket booth and asked for the tickets to Brighton. I can’t remember exactly how mum worded it when she asked but I think she assumed the man would know I was adult.

We had researched how much I would cost beforehand and was surprised when it was cheaper than expected. It wasn’t until we were on a train that we realised he had given me a child’s ticket. We spoke to the conductor on the train who, when asked if I would get away with being 15, tried to politely say no! We were told that as we had to change at a larger station anyway, we should then go to customer services and they will sort out the ticket.

When we got to customer services however they told us they could refund all the tickets and resell them but it would mean we would miss our next train and have to wait an hour. So he kindly signed the receipt to say I have permission to travel as a child for the day and I said I should enjoy being young.

This is not the first time people have to assume I am younger then I am. A work colleague the other day ask how old I was. He said that as I have been working for the company a while, I must have been at least 20/21. Thanks mate but I’m 25.


I know that although I find it annoying now, I will be grateful for my young looks in a few years.

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